Why Warren Buffett is Selling BILLIONS in Stock


Warren Buffett’s most recent stock portfolio update has him selling billions of dollars worth of stocks in the Berkshire Hathaway annual report. In the most recent 13F filing for Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett solid stocks in positions we had held for years. Warren Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and is regarded as the greatest investor of all time. Buffett popularized value investing, an approach to buying stocks for less than their intrinsic value. Buffett’s portfolio at Berkshire Hathaway consists of stocks such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, American Express, General Motors, Amazon, and much more.

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  1. I take Mrs Desiree Madison advice very seriously. Despite the impending bank crises affecting the Economy, I agree the economy is on the verge of recovery. I mean, with the inflation figures that have been released recently, it's an upward trend. I know someone whose portfolio is up 15% since last month on $40k investment, so I'm seeking recommendations myself.

  2. Because he can sell and lower the prices and get the same position with extracted profit..nothing specific..hedge funds do it all the time..or maybe he decided to help somebody with the cash :-)…these kind of titles only serve those that are full of cash ready to use the situation of so called bad news..

  3. I feel sad that even though I am investing, I don't have the brain power to dig through how each company is doing, is this a good time to buy stocks or not, my reserve of $250K is laying waste to inflation and I don't know what to do at this point tbh, I need solid data on market trajectory.

  4. In my opinion, if China invaded Taiwan, TSM stock price would very likely plummet, even if the Chinese government made a concerted effort to keep the infrastructure of the business intact. If they did so, it wouldn't be because they had any plans of allowing Americans to continue to profit from it. I think Buffett selling it is simply to mitigate risk and nothing more. As much as he is in love with Apple, it's pricing power and moat, it could clearly be argued that TSM has those same qualities in many ways, which is probably why the stock ended up in Buffett's portfolio to begin with. Taking advantage of the relationship between TSM and Apple would be a great way to double dip into the profit of that portion of the market.

  5. If you haven't sold in Jan 2022 like I did, selling now is a blunder.
    If you are reading comments below this video, you are an ordinary investor like rest of us.
    Don't follow Buffett. His strategies works only if you have billions of dollars.
    At our level, if you have 15 plus years, start investing now as the stocks are on sale.
    Yes, they may go down from here, BUT THEY MAY NOT also.
    I don't know and this channel also don't know.
    Even Buffett doesn't know 😄.

  6. Useless superficial video. Tsmc was bought by buffets captains. It was a small position. Buffet wouldn't buy so little and sell so early. Nothing mentioned in this video. Thus, I can only regard this video as not worth watching

  7. If warren sell it does not mean you have to sell. Warren say the market can be close for the next 5 yr and if you are investing in a good business you should not worry.

  8. This course has given me so much valuable information to enhance my future and for that, I am grateful. But..why the course? You've warned us about get rich quick scheme courses in your videos. You've given us checklists and secrets already from buffet and munger. What makes this course better than watching past videos? No disrespect I'm really curious and I am truly a fan of this channel.

  9. I recently made more purchases. Saving money for a market downturn is likewise a bad idea. There are numerous ways to look at recessions and depressions, we cannot always expect to make large returns, and taking chances is better than doing nothing. The bottom line is that you will achieve remarkable results by diversifying your portfolio and making wise decisions. My portfolio's raw earnings rose by $608k in just 5 months.

  10. What a strange coincidence you say that Buffet bought treasury bonds exactly what your sponsor is offering ? Did you did your research about the company before advising us where to put our money ? You care more about your sponsors then your followers!

  11. berkshire stock is going to dive soon, about 15% of its money is tied up in the BANKING SECTOR which is going very badly, so is the ENERGY market with oil down again

  12. Can anyone tell me why WB is still trying to earn so much at his age? How much of his wealth is he going to give to his children or benefitiaries? Is it logical to suggest he never spent more than 0.1% of his total wealth? So, why is he trying to leave behind more and more when he is already richest? Will this spoil his benefitiaries? Likewise, Munger

  13. If you want exposure to short treasury bills, just buy ETFs like SGOV, BIL, etc. They follow a 1-3 month treasury index with a 4.5%+ dividend yield. You also won't need to open a new brokerage account with Public or deal with the treasury direct website.

  14. Misleading on oil. He sold $360M in CVX in Q4 2022. He just bought $800M in OXY in the past two weeks. Now is a good entry point for oil.

  15. How much wealth is he leaving behinf, to who? Will he have used 0.01% of his wealth by the tine his inheritants receive everything? Why working so hard to earn so much he would never spend much of it? Any smart alek knows? Is he spoiling his benefitiaries?

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