Why one investor says he’s still willing to ride the AMC rollercoaster

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Ben Emons of Medley Global Advisors discusses his rationale for investing in AMC, and why he’s continued to hold on to shares of the “meme” stock for much of the past year. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

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  2. It's funny to me how upset the hosts of all these network news shows are about American companies doing well because of strong support from retail investors

  3. I'm getting a tattoo portrait of Melissa Lee on my ass when I cash out on AMC. NAKED SHORTS, YEAH.

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  5. AMC is a bad investment. But a great weapon to fight back. Take it to $500 then $1000. Screw the shorts and make them eat it.

  6. I didn't hear anything about naked shorts. Have these idiots done ANY DD? I'm a jag off doordash driver and I know more about this stock than these fools.

  7. Analysts can`t know the future and they`re paycheked by Hedge funds ! who cares what their opinions are on AMC , data shows it`s growing POINT

  8. This is on of the few interviews where it actually makes sense for them NOT to be talking about the short squeeze. What's the other interviewers' excuses for only talking about fundamentals?????

  9. Could he make his agenda anymore clear. CBBC need to learn what it is to be a journalist. Pushing agendas shouldn’t be a part of that. Corrupt

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