Why Are Banks Buying Up All of the Gold?


Dr. Peterson and Peter Schiff explore the significance of gold as a steadfast monetary anchor and the inevitable transience of fiat currencies.

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  1. I am new to the stock market. Every stock that I bought so far, I was out of luck because I bought them when they were expensive. I feel I missed out on all the stock opportunities so far for the tech stocks. I believe having 175K yearly income would be a good investment so I want to plug all my savings into the stock market. I know this sounds a bit dull but I would like to know if I should learn investing or let somebody else (more capable like a FA) do it for me? Please share your thoughts. I am kind of tired of searching for a good stock to buy and losing all the good opportunities

  2. At this moment, it is crucial for individuals to prioritize investing in alternative streams of income that are not reliant on the government, particularly with the existing worldwide economic crisis. Investing in stocks, gold, silver, and digital currencies can still be profitable during this period. Therefore, it is advisable to explore these investment options to secure one's financial future.

  3. I don’t disagree that gold has value. I like gold. It is a great store of value. Ultimately, money boils down to trust and functionality. Because of the unique nature of blockchain technology, it can perform tasks that gold and fiat can’t. They cannot support digital networks in Defi and other forms of digital networks. A small example is transaction processing speeds. Thousands per minute. That means more profits through improved efficiency. Only blockchain solved the double spending conundrum. Everything else requires enormous amounts of time, energy, and manpower. The antiquated system can’t compete with blockchain. Does this make gold a relic? No, but we are seeing the beginnings of how technology is changing finance and our views on money.

  4. BRICS seeks to create a new currency, considering gold's historical role as a store of value and medium of exchange. However, the functionality and acceptance of a gold-backed currency in the current global financial system are uncertain. Creating a new currency requires careful consideration of economic, political, and logistical factors.

  5. If Jordan Peterson has a blind spot it is with regard to money and currency. I’m thrilled to see JBP investigating this topic. It is my firm belief the root of all our current social woes are founded on economic reality and our deviation from honest money.

  6. This guy is a moron… anyone who knows anything knows that there is not enough gold to cover all the circulated currency in america…. Thats why we switched from gold to paper in the first place…..

  7. Gold IS money.
    Its value is manipulated.
    It is NOT subject to market forces.
    Al paper revolves around gold except in crime world where gold revolves around paper.

  8. I just bought more gold and silver few minutes ago. Tying up money due to an apocalyptic stock market crash is also not a smart move. Life is a risk and it's better to take risks than to do nothing, you can't always expect to make huge profits all the time, people have so many opinions about a recession/depression. In just 5 months my portfolio grew by $300,000 in gross profit, the main thing is to expand your portfolio and you will see amazing results by investing smartly.

  9. Those who point out that Gold and Silver are bad "Investments" have some good arguments ,But Productivity never happens by chance; it is always the result of careful preparation, dedication, and consistency. I thank God for my advisor, Mr Yuval Eric Brokman; with his assistance, I am now financially solid, earning between $10,000 and $25,000 every week.

  10. Aloha Greetings 🙏🏽 excellent segment. If you would like it would be an honor to share more information about our Swiss Gold Tokenized Fund Pre-IPO Shares are available now for a limited time period. GXCOIN has entered into a Strategic Joint Venture Partnership with 16 Gold Mines to Tokenize approximately 7,000 Acres of Gold Reserve. Mine #1 has a NI-43101 Survey with Proven Gold Reserves in excess of $9.0 Billion

  11. The ba_nk failures is really scary, and goes to show that no corporation, however big, is immune to collapse. I have always had a deep-seated mistrust for corporations. I have plans to pull out most of my money, but don't know what to do with 350k sitting idly. I'd like to go into the sto-ck market, maybe. Any ideas?

  12. Peter is right about gold.. Years ago I bought a Russian 5R gold coin minted by the czar- It had Nicholas on the obverse.. It was money then.. It was money under the communist USSR and it's still money today.. You can spend gold straight up anywhere in the world. Many pilots who served in RVN had dog tags made of gold.. If they were downed in a remote area, they could trade their gold for safe passage to friendly lines. Fiat currency is a promise to pay; gold is that promise fulfilled.

  13. the precious metal price has nothing to do with economy or supply & demand, & all to do with the rigging & racketeering of it, I haven't seen such a corrupt situation in my whole in tire life, and the doj, fbi are getting paid to turn a blind eye to this scam and the perpetrators are the 8 big banks their ceo's and upper management for massive illegal gains, then launder those gains through big commissions & bonuses to themselves and whom ever is in on the ponzi scheme and until these entities are removed it will be rigged & manipulated criminally, and you wonder why nobody wants to buy in to the pm market, nobody wants to get involved with a rigged market.

    the gold & silver is rigged the minute it is dug out of the ground & sold to these assholes for a rigged price, disgusting.

  14. Peter needs to get his facts straight. The dollar was defined as a weight of silver not gold. Also silver is the most useful metal not gold. He reminds me of a used car salesman

  15. The most important thing that should be on everyone mind currently should be to invest in different sources of income that doesn't depend on the government. Especially with the current economic crisis around the word. This is still a good time to invest in various stocks, Gold, silver and digital currencies.

  16. The Bible says it is Gold and Silver is money. Fiat is always just somebody elses debt. Transitioning back to true gold and silver backed currency is something the US should do as soon as possible. You cannot eat gold or silver, but at least it is not somebody elses debt.

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