URGENT Message to Crypto Holders WORLDWIDE! (Shouldn’t BITCOIN Be Pumping?)


Considering altcoins like Cardano and Algorand have been labeled securities by the SEC, and Bitcoin has not really been mentioned or threatened at all, shouldn’t btc price be pumping?

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  1. I love the opportunity to buy cheap with the understanding I may need to move to a digital wallet to sell offshore in the future. This will get worked out.

  2. Lol coinbase are cowards lol only after SEC comes after them all of a sudden we are in this together lol typical American behavior. Only cares when it's convenient for them. Screw coinbase.

  3. Is now an excellent time to invest in bitcoin? Despite the fact that everyone seems to agree that stocks are currently undervalued, when will the market begin to recover? There are, of course, ways to get around in the modern economy, but the average person cannot employ these methods. Would it be better to put my money somewhere else?

  4. Well for true fundamentalists, being cut off from the traditional money system is not a scary thing. This is the reason we hold afterall and it is expected.
    Those true to the core values don't actually like the direction many cryptos have taken, so while we don't like to see the ecosystem being controlled, it was expected and can't have sympathy for projects that basically reproduced the existing system within crypto.

  5. Leader of the Cardano community in Brazil defends project: “It is decentralized and bears fruit” “If all exchanges in the world close, we will continue. There are more than three thousand pools”, says Maria Carmo about Cardano

  6. Our government is such a massive pile of garbage filled with garbage people. It's primary purpose these days is to make the people who run it rich.

  7. I love your positivity and your faith centered motivations. But enough is enough. You need to get realistic here in the fact that cardano as well as many other popular alts will most likely fail as a result of these lawsuits. No one is buying them for their usecase. Everybody in the “community” just wants to see the price appreciate as well the rest of the coins in the space. I understand you are one of the few that is willing to sit through this legal battle that will take years to settle. Having said that your audience and the people you have influence over are not. So why keep shilling it so much. It is just selfish.

  8. Who is celebrating?
    Sure there are some idiots but i doubt the majority does that. I also think we do need the likes of Binance for adoption. None of this bullcrap from SEC and Garry is good for the space. US is just abusing its power because they just don't like competition for money. Its just obvious.

  9. Why is no one speaking on the fact that us gov't prefers a cbdc, and Charles has been putting them on blast about that. Possibly on of the reasons why SEC, went after Cardano so hard. All of what we think is mostly opinions it sucks. None of us know what the outcome will be. Speak on it

  10. very good points. I wonder everyone's take on this double blow to crypto (Binance,Coinbase). It is 100% politically driven so Is it related to the FEDNOW (CBDC) release next month or is it related to the decision (which Gary knows already) by the Judge? If it is the later is the Decision going to front run these case by giving the SEC fuel with a negative Ripple outcome or a front run to continue the SEC mafia style crypto process with a couple of new cases to try and keep the market down with a when a Ripple win or at least a partial win is announced?

  11. "This is about Control" 100% they want to end Altcoin, then BTC just so they can force US folks to just use CBDC but Remember The Loss is only of US Folks, not these altcoins or the World. Matic, ADA, Sol etc aren't going anywhere just because SEC's Opinion.

  12. a few whales control all the btc . they dump to cause you clowns to dump ur bags. they then buy the fken dip and get all your bags. then they dump it harder next time. buy the dip dont be controlled

  13. The Bank of England, plus 72 other Nations Reserve Central Banks have already stated publicly, that they will commence utilising Ripple XRP Ledger ( XRPL) by July 2023 next month !!! WIth All Countries on Board the XRPL by September 2023 , as per Brad Garlinghouse public announcement months ago.

  14. Bitcoin is next. The only Bitcoin that was exempted from being a security is the original Bitcoin. Any change made to the code means it's a different thing, which the SEC can reclassify as a security.

  15. Btc maxis celebration of altcoins' current demise under the regulatory assault is nothing new. It's indicative of the warped sense of arrogance and self consumed nature of fallen man. Weak individuals thrive on seeing others fail around them. Those people with character want everyone who works hard to achieve success, even if it differs from their own concept of success. These are the convoluted concepts that keep the crypto community divided and thus minimize our effectiveness and collective outreach to the public. Sad indeed, Dan.

  16. US has this twisted ideology that they must CONTROL everything and everyone in the world😠
    Because of their stupid and really unsightly SEC chairman, investors are losing our hard-earned money fast worldwide…not fair!! How the hell is that protecting investors i ask? You're neither protecting anyone in your US nor in the rest of the world (which you never cared about in the first place)…so friggin annoyed by this incompetent and vile GG😠

  17. De-fi is a pipedream, it will never be allowed to happen on a large scale. Without De-fi, there is no reason for ADA, SOL etc. I expect these tokens will have another run up so probably not the best idea to sell now. Wait for a relief rally and take your money out of these magic honey pots before governments drive them to zero.

  18. OP Definitely like the point about BTC not being 'safe' like people think. If exchanges go down or are forced to start selling assets, BTC is at risk just like Alt Coins. Example: Binance holds a sh*t ton of BTC. Also, if Government goes after tether or other stable coins – who knows. BTC is safer than alt coins but definitely not 'safe'.

  19. I have been buying some stocks since the beginning of the year, but nothing substantial. Why am I treating this poorly? However, people in the same profession are earning six figures on articles, which inspires me to aim toward becoming the first person in my polygamous family to hit the million dollar mark. I am perfectly aware that working harder to gain more money is expensive?

  20. You realized the awful truth, that it was all a ponzi. People can use LTC for anything they can use BTC for, with lower tx fees and faster times, so BTC is obsolete as an actually electronic cash.

  21. Yeah absolutely Dan💪 We are all in the same boat all we need to do is row in the same direction..simple actually. We all want the same results and destination to be in a better financial position. It's like we all in sports leagues, we in different teams but we believe in our sport and want to keep it going. Our enemies are the ones trying to kill the "sport" and force us to dance to their tune again which benefits one party only. So yes its about control and dominance but its time the ball is in our court

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