Trump Has A ‘Crowd-Size’ Problem And Is ‘Even More Vulnerable,’ Claims His Niece: ‘Started To See Cracks In Donald’s Support’


Donald Trump may have secured victory in the New Hampshire Republican primary elections, but concerns about a “crowd size problem” are emerging, according to his niece, Mary Trump, on Wednesday.

What Happened: In a substack post, Mary Trump claimed that Donald Trump utilized only half of the New Hampshire rally venue, and despite this, there were an “embarrassing” number of empty seats. 

Mary Trump pointed out that as Trump grapples with Nikki Haley’s stronger-than-expected showing in New Hampshire, a new challenge arises: shrinking crowd sizes.

If news of the “crowd-size” issue spreads, it will compound the existing challenges facing the former president, including Haley’s unexpected performance and the increasing number of prominent politicians withholding their endorsements, noted Mary Trump, a psychologist, podcaster, and substack writer.

“Empty seats, low Republican voter turnout, and dropping enthusiasm are the reality of Donald’s campaign,” Mary Trump said.

She cited a recent poll from NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom indicating a “growing” number of Iowa Republicans favoring President Joe Biden over Donald Trump if he secures the GOP nomination.

The crowd-size problem, Mary Trump, said poses another challenge to her uncle. “Huge crowds, and their violent energy, motivate him. They were a crutch. Without them, he loses an important method of deploying his message, and momentum,” the psychologist said.

“Donald is vulnerable. We shouldn’t ignore it when New Hampshire Republican voters say they voted for Haley in order to stop Donald.”

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Decoding Trump’s New Hampshire Victory: “I started to see cracks in Donald’s support — and now I’m more sure than ever,” said Mary Trump in a separate post. Citing statements from voters, she said Republicans voted for Haley in New Hampshire to stop Donald Trump.

“If this trend continues, President Biden will have more support from Democrats than Donald will have among Republicans. In a close election, that could be enough to tip the scales against Donald’s winning,” Mary Trump said.

Mary Trump said her uncle posed greater danger now than in 2016 or 2020. “But he is also even more vulnerable,” she said.

“The exit data make it clear that what drives these voters is the fear that Donald will use lies and corruption to destroy our democracy forever simply so he can stay out of prison.”

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in July last year accused the former president of lying about the size of his rally crowds and failing to keep his policy promises.

“Tens of thousands don’t show up anymore. That’s another one of the big lies,” he said, calling the estimated sizes of Trump’s rally crowds “absurd.”

This situation echoes a past incident. During Trump’s 2017 presidential inauguration, media reports suggested that the crowd size was manipulated to appear larger due to personal intervention from the president. Trump claimed approximately 1.5 million attendees for his January 2017 inauguration and criticized the media for alleged underreporting, despite challenges from various media outlets.

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