Trading Was HARD Until I Learned THIS Premarket Trading Secret


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Today, I’m pulling back the curtain on one of the least glamorous yet absolutely essential aspects of my day trading journey: my 5AM pre-market trading routine. You see, every success, every 4 or 5-figure day trading profits you’ve seen me make within minutes on this channel is built upon years of meticulous preparation and planning.

In this video, I’m going to walk you through my early morning pre-market trading routine, showing you exactly how I set the stage for a day of profitable trading. I’ll be discussing my process for:

01:03 1. Scanning for stocks
07:58 2. Performing fundamental Analysis and creating a profitable watchlist
15:23 3. Performing technical analysis
19:07 4. Trading my plan after the market opens
21:28 5. When I typically wrap up trading for the day

Remember traders, it’s not always about the flashy profit and loss numbers. It’s about the grind, the dedication, the discipline, and the constant learning. This pre-market routine is what sets me up for success each day. It may not be easy waking up at 4:30 AM, but believe me, the potential rewards make it worth it.

So, whether you’re a seasoned trader or you’re just starting out on this exciting journey, this video is for you. My aim is to provide valuable insights that will help you build consistency and profitability in your own trading journey.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

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  1. Traders, I'm curious👇🏼 which timezone are you trading in? And at what hours do you find yourself most active in the market? I'd love to hear about your unique trading routines.

  2. I took her course…it was terrible. She refused to do a single live trade even though she had been asked over and over again in his discord. She takes your money and then has two guys run the discord. Its a total crock of crap. I took 7 other courses as well and this was by far the worst. I could go on if you like.

  3. @HumbledTraderOfficial
    Is the gap strategy your main strategy that you use in all markets? I am trying to get into daytrading and I have had thoughts regarding what strategy suits what market. Now when the market has gone from a “fear” to “extreme greed”, does that change the suitability of the gap strategy?

  4. Hi, you are so awesome I love your real joke about your ex- so glad you moved on. It hurts to know women stay to long in bad relationships. I watched you for the first time as I am just looking into possibly starting trading to see if its something I can get into. Glad I saw your channel will follow. Thx

  5. Gap up can just be a trick to get you to buy in then the investors dump their shares. Better to look for steady or consistent buying 2 or 3 days minimum

  6. 5% of day traders are profitable, so out of 1000 day traders 950 traders lose, that's crazy and nearly impossible for anyone to succeed, It's extremely hard. There is something you are doing that separates you from the other 95%. For me, after 3 years of day trading, swing trading and losing, I discovered "something" back in November 2022 and since then I have been 70-75% accurate, when you finally figure it out, its amazing "when you know, you know". I would love to see a video of you speaking about what you can "see", or what you "know" that others or new traders cannot. If that isn't possible, that is understandable, but maybe you can share when it was that you figured it out, were consistently profitable and everything clicked. It's actually scary, because i am finally in an elite club of successful day traders and it feels like i have broken the secret code. It's almost like i really wasn't meant to get in, but now that i am, on my honor, I will not disclose what i now know.

  7. Talk is cheap, please do your live trading we want to see if you can make consistent profit everyday, we want to see how you think when you are in position.

  8. Being a trader can totaly ruin your mentality, speaking from experienced. Those only whos composed and not greedy can survive
    Do not be greedy and do not use very high leverage, dont dig your own grave

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