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Dividend Stocks

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Dividends are payouts from a company to its shareholders. Dividends are a great way to earn passive income from your money that is invested into the stock market. In this video, I cover 4 dividend paying stocks that I plan to hold forever. These aren’t the only 4 stocks I hold, but they are great ones to have, in my opinion.

JNJ – Johnson & Johnson is a massive pharmaceutical and medical company. You have probably used their products via a first aid kid or home remedy. JNJ is a dividend king. This means they have increased their dividend for 50+ consecutive years (insane!). The thing I like most about JNJ is the ever increasing elder generation + the robotics/technology that the management of JNJ is getting into. JNJ has a massive potential to continue to expand their company via robotics in healthcare.

HD – Home Depot is the largest home renovation company in the USA. The thing I like about HD is the DIY and the DIFM markets. The DIFM (Do-it-for-me) market has great potential for HD. While their dividend is solid and has great growth, the overall growth of the stock price itself will be great.

WM – Waste Management. The trash truck comes every week. I love this company because it sometimes gets overlooked, but has a great dividend with great growth too. The biggest thing I like about the future of WM is the competitive advantage they have in landfills. As land is finite, the ability to put landfills in areas is regulated. Smaller companies may have to contract with Waste Management to use their landfills. That means more revenue for the company.

AAPL – Although not a typical “dividend stock”, I really like Apple. As the largest company in the world (based on market cap), Apple has the power. Their nearly $200 Billion in cash provides the ability to jump onto opportunities to grow/expand the business. Also, Apple is stepping into the augmented reality (AR) space which I like. This stock isn’t paying a high dividend now, BUT as you hold and contribute more, there is massive upside on the dividend.

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