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  1. Building ADU's on my properties in San Diego county is the best investment decision I have ever made. Bought a duplex for 700k added two ADU's, and appraised for 2.1 million!! Great video !

  2. I’m reading the book “rich dad poor dad” and the author mentions something similar to 3:49, once you start to think about how achieve things, your mindset changes to a whole new level

  3. This was expansive. Reassured my idea of buying some land and building a duplex. Would love to know about the permits and people you need to contact for building your own tiny home on your own property in 2023! (Like who to contact about figuring out what the minimum square footage is required to build a duplex or main home, and not an ADU).

  4. 14:23 new yorker here – been on both sides of your "new york model" can confirm its super normal as in NY you have to put up an epic deposit to secure the lease so the idea is that the lease holder should get some benefit for that.

  5. I checked the Hostcamp that Rob always mentions and it was very disappointing to hear about the 7k payment to start :/ at least we got his videos here to learn for free! 🙂

  6. another generic video and ideas that everyone comes up with – they talk but dont explain how to get there hence hes now a mentor guru

  7. I wish you had financing on your program. Like how I got through college, doing payments : ( I'm dying to learn more about all the hacks. My wife and I are in plans of a glamping business here in two years.

  8. the house you should in your backyard, did you build that yourself? i think i must have watched one of your videos like a year ago cause i feel like i remember that. might be someone else

  9. What do you self clean googles never tell you all the times that they have to go to court get people out of their property. They always paint a glossy financial picture without the headaches because they need to sell their programs and books so they tell you it’s very easy to do without the rigors of the drama that you get from people that don’t want to pay look at the pandemic when owners cannot get out tenants refused to pay rent some of them lost the entire property because they had to walk away due to foreclosure tell me about those experience, Rob.

  10. I bought my 2nd house in San Diego last August with 4.375 interest rate. The house had 2 ADU a private studio and a garage converted bedroom. The studio is currently rented and paying almost half of my mortgage. I’m currently finishing installing the bathroom in garage. Once it’s done it will be rented and hopefully will cover my mortgage.

  11. I don’t understand how the $400 you mentioned in the video can become $200,000 in rents over time. How does this work? Do I collect $400 a month, to eventually afford a down payment on a property, to then rent out for other people and get their monthly income?

  12. Hey Rob
    I really need your help here. I house hack single family houses here in Georgia with finished basements. I have no issues leasing basements to tenants but no one wants to lease a house when there is a tenant living in a basement although there is no access from inside.
    Any thoughts on how to attract good tenants for the remaining of the house apart from the basement?

  13. You should be more transparent on pricing on your website. You’re a good dude but it’s so frustrating when you just want to know the price and you have to jump through hoops. I want to know before I enter info so I don’t get spammed.

  14. Rob, I've been watching a lot of your videos and it all incredibly helpful stuff. The only thing I have to say is that whatever you are paying Caleb to do your editing, it's not enough! That man is a video-editing wizard! Keep up the great work both of you!

  15. Can you make a video on how you find silent investors? I have 10 acres off 288 & beltway and I want to build 40-50 homes.

  16. Love this video. It gives me a lot of encouragement having just hacked our 3/3 with unconditional bedroom downstairs. We turned it into an unconventional duplex creating a separate access for the downstairs and adding two bedrooms. Now it’s a 3/2 up and 2/1 down. Upstairs is on Airbnb for MTR and downstairs is LTR. Looking forward to finding our next deal, thanks to Bigger Pockets strategies, I’m shooting for another house hack with the same strategy. We don’t have to see the upstairs guests and being separated by entrance, we don’t feel like we’re really in a traditional roommate situation. I’d love to build an ADU on this same property, but I’m not sure if that would go against the non-related occupant rule (which is 5). @robbuilt is that something you can answer?

  17. I did the house hack with adu on Airbnb. Paid my mortgage and also all my living expenses. I’m on several acres can’t even tell it’s the same lot.

  18. Thank you for this video. I’ve been telling my friends to do this for years. We definitely did this until we had a baby. Just finished the adu and are about to rent it out. At what point do you recommend an llc? Do you need one for midterm / long term adu rental?

  19. I have a 3/2 and want to rent 2 bedrooms out and have them share the hallway bathroom while I live in the master bedroom with attached bath. I’m currently saving up money to renovate the hall bath bc it’s been untouched since the house was built (1960s) and….isn’t great. 😅 Do you have any advice for someone in my situation?

  20. House hacking right now. I have a 2.8 interest rate, not wanting to lose that so cash out refi I don’t think would be smart but my lot is capable of 2-3 more dwelling units. My plan is to build a duplex live in one unit and then repeat when ready.

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