These Are Risky Times For Gold And Silver Investment Options


As an investment, gold and silver may be some of the least risky investment assets, but that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. Right now is the time to review your gold and silver allocation to make sure your rewards outweigh the risk.

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  1. What is your risk appetite? Are you more risk averse or more of a risk taker? Is your current portfolio low, medium or high risk? Would you like for me to do a full video on portfolio management? Or put an A+ in the gradebook (comments)

  2. I LOVE that you give smart, real, HONEST advice… not "stack gold and silver, all else is stupid" like many metals channels do!!! Your honest and real advice is very appreciated!!!

  3. Wait, the first examples only show the potential rewards, it doesn't have any risk? If I wager $0.00 and have 100% chance to win $100 or 50% chance to win $200, those are both potential rewards with no risk. I would totally go for the $200 because I have nothing to lose. If my wager was $90 with the same odds of return, I might choose differently. Same for the million dollar scenario, although, yea, I would go for the $1 million reward if there was no risk. To turn this on to investments, damn, the 5.2% 6-month CDs with no risk have been incredible. I'm a risk taker, but a sure-thing 5.2% return with no risk to principle? I wouldn't touch a mining stock with a ten foot pole.

  4. I'm in my mid 30's, most my portfolio is high risk at this point in time. My highest risk is cracking jokes at the wife when her "Aunt Flow" is in town 😆 🤣 😂

  5. Personal fan of a diverse portfolio. But im mid 30s so some high risk is ok for me i feel. Once i gain a few years ill move out of high risk for the most. A+ doc give me that knowledge. I may be learning late in life but i can teach my sons young

  6. Great video. I tend to lean risk averse on my own, but try to do my homework and listen to reputable sources for more risky investments. Perhaps I could bang erasers or sharpen pencils to make up for that IPO notice? 🤣

  7. Good show, Dr. Stacker. A+ video with A+ points to be taken into account. When I was in my 20's I was definitely a major risk taker, but I made some way wrong moves and things didn't pay out so it left a very bad impression on me. Thus, I switched almost entirely to precious metals last year and I have an impressive stack already… However, I feel the time is nigh for a new age where Clean energy, Green technology and Digital currencies will pave the road to the future, so I'm going to slow down my stacking some and save up some cash to invest in some mining companies (mainly lithium & uranium) and a couple of digital currency mutual funds. That's just to start, so if all goes well then I'll up the ante and look into bigger options down the road. Wish me luck! 🙏

  8. Definitely I'm on the more risk averse side. I do think risk appetite also ties into greed.

    A full video on portfolio management should be interesting. The funny thing about combining stocks and gold is that the portfolio as such is less volatile than their constituent parts. I wouldn't be surprised if the risk-reward curve changes into an arch. That would also be more in line with the boxing-analogy. At some point taking more risk is actually detrimental to results.

    A company seeking attention that aggressively usually is a red flag.

  9. Another good video Doc, I’m watching and waiting. My metals portfolio is hurting right now. I have capital waiting to deploy. I am not a believer that time in the market is better than timing the market.

  10. Funny you should say that I've taken the opposite approach and been more aggressive for the near and midterm . I will eventually move to a more conservative position I'm banking on not using it for at least another ten years (hopefully) . A+

  11. Would you be Willing to tell exactly your relationship with USGO? Are you paid a 1x fee to mention them in this video? Gifted stock? Did they just ask nicely? Do you hold the stock? Were you gifted it and you sold? Without transparency i can't consider investing even. Idk if it was you that recommended GLDG a few months ago? For some reason i took that advice. Has lost 20% so far. I will hold because i only buy things to hold forever in amounts i am OK losing if it goes bad.

  12. Loved the analogy of a boxer. I'm a counter puncher that leans more towards defense. My portfolio reflects that. Low to medium risk. I did throw a few out there punches but still very defensive. Portfolio management is something I'd love to watch. Do it!! As a stacker of metals, we can't climb that pyramid by stacking alone. You need to be well rounded and diversified. A++

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