The Stocks I’m Buying and Selling for Maximum Profits!


Today we’re going to cover several short term trades that are working well is our current market.

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00:00 A New Bull Market!?
01:27 Winning Trades
03:24 Sell Hold Buy
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  1. Another question, what is your strategy for cash withdrawal to fund your lifestyle? I do transfer money from my brokerage accounts to fund cool stuff like travel, etc but without paying ~40% taxes first.

  2. Hi Jerry! getting a bit nervous about my $nvda holdings. I'm planning on entering a stop loss but my past experience with $nvda and stop loss has not worked out. I would set the stop loss around the support level, then when there is a down day in the market the stock would sell; but…….then it jumps up again the next day and I miss out on the upswing. it seems I cant win with $nvda. what is your exit strategy and/or advice for $nvda to ensure I dont lose what I made so far?

  3. Thanks! You make a great point at the beginning of the video about uncertainty. Are you concerned about credit card debt and what do you think about banks and credit card companies at this point?

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