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➤ P E R S O N A L F I N A N C E R E A D I N G S U G G E S T I O N S
At Luxo-Life we dig up a lot of ideas, about a ton of topics. Most are pretty self-explanatory, but some need a bit more educating.

Here’s some personal finance and investing ideas. Are these the only ideas out there? Not by a long shot.

These are ideas we like that want to share, to help begin to educate you so that while you become more successful, you will be able to keep more, and more, of your money, and most importantly have your money work FOR you.

That is a main theme here on Luxo-Life. Luxury lifestyles are fun only because they (wealthy folks, billionaires, millionaires, etc.) have money working for them, while they get a chance to play. The more money works for them, the more opportunities there are to play, and play bigger.

Everyone is different and has different investing sensibilities. Some people have decades to see the rewards build and can take more risks. Some, not so much. Some will risk everything and possibly lose everything. That is each person’s responsibility. So you’ve never had a better chance to find a ton of financial advice online, and use it to ask a trained financial advisor, which is what most of us at Luxo-Life do and recommend. But some of us take baby steps and never risk more than we can afford to lose and profit nicely over time.

That’s great AND awful. So the safest thing is to educate yourself about many investing possibilities, and talk with a professional financial advisor. But, which ones? We are going to be helping with that as well, but that takes time and we’ll get these videos out as fast as possible. It’s your financial life, and the best advice I have ever heard is that “no one will care about your money more than you do,” and not every advisor is the same, and a perfect for you as they think they are, so talk to many, and pick wisely. Your “gut instinct” will help you. If it doesn’t “feel” right, then don’t do it.

Please share your experiences in the comments below, both good and bad. Especially good. Personal finance is not a competition, and you could help a lot of people. At Luxo-Life, if you succeed, we succeed.


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➤ B E S T O V E R A L L F I N A N C I A L B O O K S
Rich Dad Poor Dad (Best personal finance book)
The Millionaire Next Door


➤ F I N A N C E B O O K S F O R I N V E S T O R S
The intelligent Investor
The Little Book That Beats The Market


➤ B E G I N N E R ’ S F I N A N C E B O O K S
The Barefoot Investor


➤ B O O K S O N M O N E Y M I N D S E T
The Psychology of Money
I Will Teach You to Be Rich


➤ B O O K S O N P R O D U C T I V I T Y
Atomic Habits
7 habits of highly successful people


DISCLAIMER: We (Luxo-Life) are not financial advisors. These videos are for educational purposes only. No official financial advice is offered. Please always consult with a professional before making any investment or financial decision. Your investments are your sole responsibility.

FTC Legal Disclaimer – Some links found in the description box of my videos may be affiliate links, meaning I will make commission on sales you make through my link. This is at no extra cost to you to use my links/codes, it’s just one more way to support me and my channel!

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  1. Diversifying your ETF Investment is the best advice I've heard in this video. Keep up the excellent content cos I'm always learning something new on this Channel.

  2. There are now over 1,300 ETFs available for investors in the United Kingdom. It is not easy to keep track of them all. To help you find your way around, we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to quickly find the right ETF for your investment objective. In doing so, we will go into the individual selection criteria and show you how to proceed with the ETF selection and what you should pay attention to.

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  4. The good thing is to choose ETFs with low fees. Look for ETFs with low management fees to minimize costs and maximize the return on your investment. 👏😃

  5. ETFs are investment funds issued by management companies and approved. with your financial intermediary and control the price of the order. As with collective investments, the management company and the custodian check the purchases and sales of fund securities.

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