The 3 Best Stocks to Buy Now That Yield Over 4%

Dividend Stocks

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We’re in a low-rate world. Interest rates everywhere you look are extremely low.

The S&P 500 – the benchmark equity representation of the US economy – is yielding less than 1.5%. Tough to live off of passive income with a yield like that.

However, there are many individual stocks with yields that are much higher. And I’m not talking about low-quality junk stocks, either. I’m talking about high-quality dividend growth stocks.

These stocks represent equity in world-class enterprises that are producing reliable, rising profits. These reliable, rising profits translate to reliable, rising dividends.

You want your passive income to be as reliable as your bills are. But you also want it to be large enough to live off of. That’s what today’s article is all about.

I’m going to tell you about three high-quality dividend growth stocks yielding more than 4% right now. All three of these stocks are, in my opinion, worth buying today.

#1 Stock Yielding +4% Worth Buying: AbbVie Inc. (ABBV)

AbbVie is a global pharmaceutical company.

This is one of my favorite dividend growth stocks. It gives you almost everything you’d want. You want quality? Check. You want growth? Check. You want yield? Check.

Speaking of yield, this stock yields a mouth-watering 4.6% right now.

Plus, it’s not just yield. The five-year dividend growth rate is an incredible 18.5%. You also don’t have to sacrifice quality with this name. Whereas stocks with sky-high yields of 10% or so are almost always total junk that’ll give you terrible long-term returns, AbbVie is a world-class enterprise that practically prints money by selling the medicine millions of people demand and require. The company produced more than $16 billion in free cash flow last year. Net margin is routinely well into the double digits.

This stock also gives you some value to go along with that juicy yield.

#2 Stock Yielding +4% Worth Buying: Realty Income Corp. (O)
Realty Income Corp. is a real estate juggernaut that owns over 6,000 properties.

Want to be a real estate magnate without doing any of the hard work? Realty Income is your Huckleberry. This stock gives you the opportunity to immediately own a slice of thousands of commercial properties rented out to quality tenants without doing any of the associated legwork. Plus, the yield is very attractive.

This stock yields 4.1% – and that dividend is paid monthly. It’s almost like collecting a monthly rent check.

This is another high-quality dividend growth stock that is available for a reasonable valuation.

#3 Stock Yielding +4% Worth Buying: Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ)
Verizon is a telecommunications giant.

People can’t live without their smartphones. And those smartphones don’t work without a network connection – a network like the one Verizon owns and operates. With the oncoming 5G revolution, networks like Verizon’s are set to become even more integral to everyday life. While you wait for that revolution to play out, the stock pays out a big dividend.

The stock yields a very nice 4.4%.

Verizon has increased its dividend for 16 consecutive years. So it’s not just the 4.4% yield… and that’s it. It’s the 4.4% yield and a growth kicker. Their 10-year dividend growth rate is 2.6%.

Buffett has been buying up Verizon stock hand over fist, and now has $9 billion invested in this company.

We just put out a video only days ago discussing Buffett’s aggressive move into Verizon. While you and I don’t have billions of dollars to throw around, even hundreds or thousands of dollars in a name like Verizon can produce some serious passive dividend income. Plus, the stock isn’t unreasonably valued. Buffett is famous for getting great deals on his stocks. Most basic valuation metrics for Verizon stock are slightly below, or in line with, respective recent historical averages. This stock is an inexpensive way to follow in Buffett’s footsteps, get exposure to 5G, and collect big dividends.

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  1. Great Picks! I use to hold O and WPC but sold after they came up to do a reallocation. LONG VZ and ABBV. I do a few other REITS which I'm not sure if you've ever brought up before. Those are STAG and STOR. Thanks for keeping up with the videos! They are pretty quick and to the point while giving out some data points. There is a handful of financial youtube channels I still watch after having weeded through them over the past few years. I'd be interested to know if you watch other financial youtubers? If so which ones?

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