Tarek & Heather’s First Flip Is A Multi-Million House With An Amazing View | The Flipping El Moussas


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Tarek and Heather work together on their first flip: an amazing house in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, with a stunning view of the valley. They have a budget of $400,000 for this flip so they decide to come up with a very high-end design!

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From Season 1 Episode 1

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  1. Tiles on the shower wall, flooring of the bathroom and backsplash on the kitchen wall look cheap. 😢 At least Christina is progressing with her designs as the years go by and as long as she has the right budget. I prefer Christina on the Coast.

  2. Heather isn’t even looking at the house she’s kidding around and a sliding thing, really and she’s a realtor. I can’t believe she’s a realtor listening to her unprofessional behavior. Idk her voice is so irritating to listen to that all day yikes

  3. I like the christina and tarek shows but i love the heather and tarek shows,there is something about heather that brings tarek out…even after the baby…

  4. The kitchen was awful. The fridge was bulky and should have been panelled and the layout was uneven. The pole should have been removed. The bathroom sinks and counters look like they were from Home Depot.

  5. I really thought The Flipping El Moussas would be different to Flip or Flop, but the only difference is that instead of Christina, we have Heather… and she barely does anything. At least Christina used to design. 😕

  6. Not that I was a huge fan of Christina, but this chick gets on my last nerve. Her high nasally tone, and fake enthusiasm is grating.

  7. It is obvious that he loves Heather, but she is a bit overwelming in her exclamations. This flip just does not have the same excitement as the ones with Tarek and Chriatina had.

  8. Heather was right about a wall hung fireplace-needs to be much larger, and more dramatic. For just a second. I thought infinity pool!! Oops-not there, l guess! Great job!

  9. Tarek loving everything was weird 😅 I like the renovation very modern and practical but for a 3$ m nothing stand out in this house……so it's probably the location. Hope she upgrade her touches in the future and tarek stop promoting her too much 😅

  10. Literally not even a full minute in & I CANNOT stand this chick’y voice & all the “baaaabe!!!” talk. Her high pitched voice was too much for me. Idk how Tarek can handle living w that voice…🙉 yes she’s gorgeous but she acts and comes off as a complete air head. Christina was waaay better & they worked great together. Tarek definitely downgraded

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