Stock Market 2023: 4 Profitable Business Trends for Investors


From electric vehicles to renewable energy, people who invested early made millions. But what are the next industry trends to make me money in the stock market? Today I look at past, present, and (possible) future stock market trends that could be very disruptive and profitable. A must watch video for new and experienced stock market investors.

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I believe that direct investing a small discretionary portion of your hard earned money to have some fun, and make investing interesting and exciting… helps make us:
✅ A better investor and,
✅ More likely to START and CONTINUE investing from 18 to 81

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. I am not your financial advisor. I have no formal training as an accountant, financial advisor, or economics. These videos are my opinion as a common retail investor. The videos are a platform to discuss, give opinion, and create conversation about stocks and stock market investing. The opinions given in the videos should not in any way be taken as financial or investing advice.

My channel discusses investing in stocks under $5, typically termed “penny stocks” with a small amount of your discretionary income, this is not intended to be a platform for investing for long-term goals such as retirement or savings. I encourage everyone to follow sound financial fundamentals including having emergency savings, insurance, and the majority of principal savings in global market index funds or ETFs before you try direct investing in stocks. Please contact a licensed financial advisor to discuss your investing goals.

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  1. Love it as always! I can not find your earlier episode on Black Swan. I thought you did one. This was similar to your 3 top penny stocks flash episodes and I really liked it. Great job as always.

  2. Good video. Additive manufacturing (DM, VLD, MKFG) reduces the need to transport parts, and automated transport through drones (BLDE) can make it more efficient when needed.

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