SEC warns investors about bitcoin futures volatility

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Pantera Capital CEO & Co-Chief Investment Officer, Dan Morehead, joined Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith and Jared Blikre to discuss bitcoin regulatory concerns and investing.
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  4. It's causing the market to crash, which is stupid when my stocks are under $10, and real. Crypto is nothing. Might as well call it NOCOIN.

  5. Does anyone know how new regulations of a market are implemented? Knowing that any change would impact prices, do they just POW BANG new rules! Or is there a more orderly process with appropriate lead in time?

  6. Don’t even listen to these boomer clowns. Understand what crypto, money, and fiat currency are and make the right decision. I literally am waiting for the opportunity to buy more when it crashes.

  7. Bitcoin is the future and a fast wealth growing scheme. Every wise individual should have crypto investment in his list.
    Someone needs to hear this
    According to world economy prediction; most of the income that will be made in 2021 comes from crypto currency. Do you need more hint?

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  9. You all know that stock is not stable now and it at risk, investing in crypto(Bitcoin, ether etc) is the best now because with the right broker you can invest and make lots of profits

  10. Almost time to ban this garbage gambling vehicle, crypto is good for nothing except funding illegal activity and waste energy.

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  12. Sec understands that market sentiment is what dictates the price. So their warning to investors is what's causing the losses. They're purposely fuding

  13. The SEC is in bed with old money and big banks. Don't believe their FUD. If they cant get a piece of the action under the table like they have been for decades of course they are going to come out with useless, baseless crap.

  14. I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago,can i get person who invested with her

  15. There are over 10,000 Crypto Coins.. All running on the SAME Application Software basically.. They can make more coins by just loading Software.. Unlimited amounts of crypto.

  16. Elon Musk has 1.5 Billion in Bitcoin… He is now the Ransom Attackers Holy Grail! 1400 Ransomware Attacks a year! Is your Company NEXT??????

  17. Nice video!! engaging from beginning to end,I've gained financial freedom day trading,and ignorant people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

  18. BITCOIN is Fueling all these Hackers and their Ransom attacks! Ban Crypto and these attack will stop FAST! No way for them to get paid!

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