Our BIGGEST House Flip Yet | Before and After Full Home Renovation


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  1. I dont understand why you put the angled peninsula back in. From the looks after the cabinets were taken out, it was intentionally rebuilt as an angled peninsula. Those are dated and it seems like it could have been just as easy to rebuild it straight. Or at the very least, make it 1 level. Someone is going to tear that out 🙁 what a waste of money

  2. Wow, everyone here is so critical! As if y'all don't do this stuff for a living. I personally dislike grey. But I am not buying a new house in Austin.

  3. 👍 nice flip! Great (big) home. Glad it sold quickly. For other ppl : the "staging" is just so a potential home buyer can "see" & picture in their mind what THEIR OWN furniture will look like in the spaces – and say to themselves "I like it, my stuff will fit nicely here"!

  4. Bedroom with blue on the wall & floating square box was a twin bed frame, no headboard. Blue smudge from navy blue pillowcases that rubbed off on the paint… I had a son who's room looked like that…. if they had maroon sheets – the walls would have a red tint. BACK THEN boys sheet colors were navy, dark Forrest green, maroon, dark gray, black or white. NOTE: HEADBOARDS prevent smudging on the walls from dark color pillow cases.

  5. I think the staging in this house is my favourite so far. I had no idea how you would even make the space work, considering how much of it there was, and how many strange design choices there were. I'm super impressed because you guys made it really appealing!

    Also, that raspberry coloured sweater was fire 🔥

  6. I would have drywalled all the niches, there's a few, changed the angled peninsula and closed (or open!) the window in the kitchen looking into the living, it doesn't make sense and screams dated. Overall, amazing house!

  7. In 1999 the big screen TV's were huge! So any TV room would have to have one of those huge built in's for it! Also usually the added living space above the living room was a great added family room. Someone had a huge family with lots of big electronics…high tech stuff has shrunk!

  8. Patterned tile on bathroom floor already dates the reno. Agree with Rose, angled peninsula? Nope. Emily Spend love 💯 with you on keeping that ridiculous niche. Landscaping was the best part.

  9. Great renovation. I understand those 90-s houses are way too big for the modern living and you as flippers had to consider every penny, but I absolutely miss the storage- closets and cupboards((( On the other note, who do you think will be the buyer? It would be interesting to know more about the selling process, too.

  10. Ew the master bedroom man, what is that? The staging is so incoherent, and the remodel is so boring and cheap. Like maybe don’t buy it if you cannot afford to make it nice. Then you’re gonna turn around and ask an exorbitant price for a cheap bandaid type of remodel

  11. looking real good there! great space and open w/lots of room for anyone to enjoy being at home – a total oasis in that southern climate! A+ tastefully done!

  12. all the things you commented on at the beginning, you didn't fix which is weird to me,
    like you could've closed those weird niches and that column design on the second floor ….
    I can see you tried to save up a lot in money for the house since the basic designs haven';t changed at all/

  13. The blue on the wall in the kid room is from cheap “bed in a bag” bedding. When I met my husband, he had that from his crappy bedding on the wall. The last room on your before your was marketed as a media room. Ppl put movie theater type seating.
    Overall I really like this flip and the finishes you picked. I’m really glad you kept the wainscoting .
    I would have only changed 2 things. 1. I would have squared the large arch at the kitchen (near fireplace) and I would have squared the peninsula or removed that part and chamois with an island.

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