My Favorite Day Trading Pattern I Use to Make Money

Stock Market

As day traders we need to find strategies and systems that work consistently in the crazy world of day trading. I want to show you one of my favorite day trading patterns that I use to make money in the stock market. The great thing about this pattern is you can use it to make money in other financial markets too. If you want to use it in the cryptocurrency market, or Forex market, go for it! Now of course, I would highly recommend practicing with it and using a simulator before actually using any of your real money; however, in my opinion this is a pattern that should be at least given some consideration. There is no holy grail strategy or system, and we all are a bit different in our personalities and risk tolerance levels. so I’m not saying this pattern is a “fix all” guarantee, but I enjoy it a whole lot! If you are struggling as a trader to find consistency and feel like every day is so random, please give the video a watch and consider implementing it within your day to day trading!

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  1. clay you can substitute your videos to understand more since I don't speak much English, Thank you teacher

  2. Yesss, more videos like this. It makes more sense for me to see it on the chalk board to the computer in real time example! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  3. I see that you are playing according to Price action, so i guess it is a very solid strategy.

  4. Super helpful as always. Seeing a few examples play out would really help better learn the pattern but this definitely provides a solid base.

  5. Battleground. Battle. Ha, I use that image all the time. Buyers attack a level. They're beaten back by sellers in a counter attack. Buyers mount another attack, and are beaten back again…but the sellers aren't able to beat them back as far, before the buyers absorb the counter attack and mount another attack of their own. Once again, the sellers repulse the attack, but this time, the beat back is even less than before. The sellers have used up their reserves (supply of sellers at that level) holding that line. Now the buyers attack again, and break through the defenses, and with no more reserves left on the sell side, they take control and now push the sellers back (upward movement). This is exactly what the market is….a battle between buyers and sellers. I liken myself to a general watching a map of a battle for signs of a turning tide, or that one side has clear control.

  6. Greetings Clay, how are you? Been following you for a long time and I appreciate you and all your content, it is really good stuff. Do you have a video or can you make a video that explains about more chart patterns, with explanation with the before and after the pattern happens, want to understand more about patterns if possible. Thank you so much

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  8. the only way i've made money online is affiliate marketing i put a video on my channel about it.

  9. the only way i've made money online is affiliate marketing i put a video on my channel about it.

  10. the only way i've made money online is affiliate marketing i put a video on my channel about it.

  11. One of my favorite patterns as well. I note the direction the price entered into the pattern as well as the volume to help me determine the probability it will break out/down the intended direction. For additional confirmation I'll look for the same pattern to develop in the RSI.

  12. Hello sir I am from INDIA.
    Sir wanna learn advance Technical Analysis so therefore I wanna CMT Level one.
    Please sir give me an opportunity to make success in day trading.

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