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Are you a beginner in the stock market and interested in swing trading penny stocks? Here are 2 of my favorite low risk penny stock set ups sitting at solid support levels under $2 to buy this week. One company even had insider buying of $27 million worth this month! #pennystocks #cheapstocksforbeginners #elox

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*Disclaimer* I am not a financial advisor and this content is my opinion only. Please do your own research when deciding to invest in the stock market and DO NOT take any ideas from these videos as financial advise.

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  1. WSGF pink current 2 weeks ago, basically companys like airbnb etc need WSGF vaycaychella app ,Vaycaychella is an app that connects vacation owners and investors and vaycaychella collects a fee for connecting the two this is the only app that provides this service, the app will included property's backed by crypto and they will accept cryptocurrency to finance short-term vacation rental property businesses , the app will help rentrepreneurs and investors build short term rental property businesses,projected revenue is 100+ million per year ,they are also planning on launching a visa card solution for receiving payments as well as making purchases ,now mix all that with a ticker and name change any day to reflect the companys new focus and we have a no brainer, They also have Airbnb ,vrbo, bookingsdotcom hotelsdotcom on their website if the company reaches 1/2 of its expected revenue it'll still be a 1$ stock ,currently at 0.0291

  2. Great breakdown, thank you! I’m in CASI and will be looking close at ELOX this week. Thanks again.

  3. I'm very attentive to these types of videos purely for their entertainment value. Loved the "voltage" sound effects when the presentation switched from $CASI to $ELOX. Gave me an electrified outlook for next week. 🙂

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