LIQUIDATIONS GALORE for Bitcoin Price Chart and Altcoin Market with Margin Selloff During SEC Week


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  1. Hey BCB, love your content and watch every stream while I work from home. I’d love for you to answer this question for me if you could. I am confused with your sentiment. You are comparing wyckoff of previous market bottoms. Isn’t that unfair to compare these cases to Wyckoff as your consensus is that this is a bear market rally? All love, would just like clarification.

  2. I’m thinking the initial capitulation candle happened when SEC sued Coinbase and Binance. And that the latest event is the 2nd capitulation stage.

  3. Seems more dramatic than it is it enabled me to consolidate some stable holdings into to XRP and ETh that's been lying around waiting for the right dip. I think there will be a few more shakeouts and slight blow offs in the next month or two before it gets really exciting.

  4. Yeah agreed with standing up to the SEC, I think it’s time we start standing up against these corrupt fkrs. They blatantly don’t even try to hide it anymore. They are not providing protection to us, the investors as charged. They are manipulating the market for other political agenda, it’s time for them to be held accountable

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