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🌟 Trade the Trend is a weekly video about where the stock market is heading. It’s for investors and traders looking for technical analysis of the SP500, ASX 200, as well as stock markets and commodities markets in general.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Is this a green light for the SP500?
04:05 Classic structure in the Dow (this is what it means)
06:25 Look what the Nasdaq just did
09:16 Is this the missing piece of the puzzle?
10:55 Look what this viewer said last week

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  1. Totally agree that caution was the call for the past 9 months. The markets have been trading sideways and if a trader does not understand the broader picture (risk), that is how a trader loses money. Sometimes it's not the big drops or downtrends that push people out of the market but a slow bleed because they are not cautious enough. Love the videos, thanks Jason

  2. you kept saying the market is "interesting" repeatedly,…video dragged for 14 mins long and you couldn't get to the point. Wasted 14mins of my life.

  3. With my portfolio of $750k. I’m looking for opportunities to profit in a potential downturn, According to rating agency Moody’s, both the UK and the US are set to fall into a recession because of higher interest rates.

  4. Thanks Jason. I had to laugh when I saw your email in my Inbox, thinking it may have been another mid-week commentary rather than the end of last week's video – whilst it seemed unusual you had given us another US stock to watch with a similar name to the one you suggested last week (I'm not into US stocks so didn't notice it was exactly the same stock!) I had no idea I was watching last week's video instead of the update for this last week's trading! (A la 50 First Dates lol). Anyway the break above the Resistance on the S&P500 looks more comforting, and hopefully the top stocks are now helping to pull up other parts of the broader market.

  5. Market is down still, I've been looking up strategies and apparently both bull and bear market condition provides equal avenue to accrue massive gains, and a news article particularly mentioned a 54 year old that made $180k in 5weeks, how do I learn these strategies, my portfolio has been stagnant for months.

  6. A great video as always. I really like your comment "there are no old, bold traders". To me trading is like surfing. If there are no waves you sit back and enjoy the peaceful ocean. If there are waves and the market is starting to trend then you jump on the waves and start riding the market…. The hardest thing I found in trading is to wait and do nothing. Until I learned that I wasn't able to profit in the past… Well done Jason and thanks for your videos

  7. Munger and Buffett have both achieved an incredible feat with Berkshire. They've turned thousands to billions, and have made a lot of people wealthy in the process. I really saw the potential of the stock market by reading Berkshire's annual letters. I recently sold my $674k apartment in the Bel Air area and I'm hoping to throw it into the stock market. I just don't want to lose everything

  8. Anyone who's not cautious doesn't have enough respect for the market and obviously hasn't been in markets long enough…. staying alive is name of game… as a trader yr not a stock picker your a risk mgr

  9. Powell has been saying many of them would "Like to pause", but they are Data dependent, and he plainly said there will be no rate Cuts this year. He also said, "If we have to raise rates higher, we will." Meanwhile the market has priced in not only a pause but even three rate cuts before December! And the data has been coming in mixed, some better, some not.
    Doesn't mean I'm going to short the market and hold even as we continue higher, just means I'll be very careful about what position I take come Wednesday – probably strangle the chop range.
    If they come out and pause we're going to run up and tag the moon, but if they come out and say we need another 0.25 it's going to be a repeat of last June.

  10. Thanks again for your wonderful work. I'm now convinced we're in a bull market, but really want to see a pullback before buying in. I'm also concerned that we could be approaching an October 2007 moment, during which the market continued to climb and make all-time highs, while ignoring domestic and global headwinds.

  11. I'm having a bad year; SBUX is down by $26k, HD is down by $35k, Draft Kings is down by $6k, NIO is down by $15K and ABML is down by $8K. I'm only clinging to the Maverick of Wall Street's advice regarding opportunities during erratic market conditions in the hopes that I can either wait for a recovery or choose profitable investments and ETFs/Stock to make up for my loss. Besides, i've seen articles of people making 350k in a quarter during these red seasons. How have they managed that please?

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