I Tried Selling Stock Photos And Here’s What Happened


People claim you can make thousands of dollars selling your own stock photos. Is it really that easy? Let’s find out.

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0:00 Introduction
0:53 The History of Stock Photography
3:03 What Are The Best Sites?
4:02 Photo Ideas
4:59 Taking Photos
6:39 Editing Photos
7:23 Uploading Photos
8:30 Approval
9:53 How Much Money I Made
10:35 Side Hustle Rating
11:34 Forfeit

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  1. Nobody talks about the pitfalls involved in submitting for stock libraries. The first pitfall is the legal, the second some sites will only accept certain types of images and reject others, for example no sports events. The other is people on the sites have thousands of images, and key wording. I have made sales enough almost to buy a cup of coffee. Then there is the Quality Control, images being rejected because of a hidden trademark, logo, brandname etc

  2. Sorry, but apparently you have never heard of AI Stock Photography. From what I'm hearing from a lot of art directors and marketing people is that Stock Photography will soon be replaced by AI created images.

  3. do a video about print on demand. But dont only do 7 days, its not enough to test any new business idea. Do at least 1month i would say, 3 would be best. I dont think you can expect to make money in just 7 days with almost any serious method online ( except surveys maybe)

  4. Amazing! I can't believe you didn't sell any, although I suppose those stock images are gonna be there forever so it would be really cool to see if you made any money in 1/3/6/12 months!

  5. Soon this channel will be so popular. The effort and quality of the vids are amazing, its just a mater of time until your channel goes viral. Awesome video charlie

  6. I tried to come to your YouTube channel through you TikTok bio but you put the wrong YouTube channel I think you need to change that because people will not find your channel it happened to me in the pas.

  7. it baffles me how these videos don’t get more veiws, the time effort and money going into these is incredible, the production quality is great and also very important, keep it up charlie 🙂

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