I Stopped Investing in Real Estate (& what I did instead)


The real estate market in 2023 is tough to get my mind around, and opportunities have opened up…heres what I’ve been up to since my last video!

👀 WATCH THIS NEXT: Why I stopped buying single family real estate (& started playing pickleball!)

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  1. It’s showing that the crazy real estate game a few years ago is tightening up and the people who were in it for a short term money grab are not talking about real estate as much now.

    Even Max Maxwell gave the similar speech after moving to Dubai that he wants his channel to be “all things investing” NOW.

    A few years ago though, these people all they were pumping out was real estate content.

    It’s just interesting seeing what really is happening in the real estate market shift even though people are giving this speech of “ I wanna try other forms of investing and not just real estate” Max Maxwell said the similar thing on his move to Dubai video. LOL! 😂

    I’m curious to see if the real estate market were to go crazy booming again like a few years ago if they would still want to “make this a channel about investing in other things.” After being so heavy on real estate when it was booming and poppin like it was these past few years.

    It’s just interesting to witness now when you know what’s going on and you’re aware.

  2. This is a good idea! Invest into other ventures. It doesn't have to be just real estate. I'm doiing everything that'll bring income. You're doing the right thing!

  3. Man I soooo happy for you. Im glad you can feel free and unrestricted in your craft. Keep going Li, and that financial planner is HUGE!!!! Milestones!

  4. My 70+ year old neighbor – a maniacal athlete – claims he and his girlfriend in the 70's had a similar brand to Pickleball – but it never took off as he'd envisioned. A Division 1 athlete – should transition very well to Pickleball. Let's hope Warriors ownership can put together enough pieces around Stephen Curry to get him a 5th ring and cement him as an all-time top 10 player and the greatest PG ever.

  5. I heard of PICKLE BALL about 2 years ago when I used to work at ALDI. My senior customers RAVED about it ALL THE TIME. You have inspired me to actually check out a game and actually learn how to play 😂👊🏽

  6. You are such a PHENOMENAL human DOING big things. I can’t tell you how much my face hurts from smiling SO HARD whenever I OVERDOSE on your videos and MAKE my young adults watch 😂. I know your parents are BEYOND proud of you, young QUEEN 🙏🏾💜🙏🏾 I will DEFINITELY encourage my son to look into hiring your team for his YouTube channel. He has done well so far as he did reach his first milestone of 100K followers and earning his first YOUtube award.🙏🏾💜🙏🏾 Keep being your UNAPOLOGETIC AUTHENTIC Amazing SELF🙏🏾🙏🏾💜🙏🏾👊🏽

  7. Did I just learned something I had no idea? The brrrr is actually good idea but I want to know why two diff loan. You can’t do 30 fix at first or you always do these two steps? I am really interested learning from you. Do you video talking about this?

  8. Lili invests is perfect 🥰 your lifestyle is an investment, do what you love and build your brand. Keep investing in yourself girl!! Btw Love your version of reality💫

  9. As a baby in the real estate game myself, I do have a strong sense of perception. So back in 2022 when I decided to get on the pavement and find my first potential BRRRR deal, I quickly sensed that something changed in the current market making it much harder than the pre-COVID era. Your video today has confirmed this and I thank you so much for sharing your next steps with us Lili!

  10. I appreciate your honesty. You have a lot of these fake gurus that don’t want to provide this kind of detail and information because they want to continually collect clicks and likes but this is honest and true.

  11. Let me tell you. I don't comment. But Seeing your growth from the beginning to now! Is nothing short of amazing. I'm rooting for you. Whatever the content is im sure it'll be packed with value! Keep it up!

  12. I loved watching people playing Pickle Ball. I worked for the city gov't, and set up the arena for players. It is so intense. The love of it is….seniors played. much love

  13. Chicken and Pickle is very big in my area. It wasn’t until my first visit did I realize they we’re talking about Pickle Ball…not chicken and (dill) pickles. SMH

  14. Up until now, I had only seen seniors playing pickle ball. I enjoy your content & I look forward to whatever you add to your channel. In every season of life, we sometimes keep things the same, delete things & add things. Evolving is a part of life. As you grow, everybody won’t come with, can’t come with you or shouldn’t come with you. Enjoy your journey. You’ll pick up new viewers along the way.

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