How to Start Investing as a Complete Beginner in 2023 (3rd Grade Level)


Have you ever wanted to start investing but got confused on things like basic investing lingo and stock terms + you are still left wondering how investing all works? Well hopefully this Newbie Starter pack aka my beginner friendly guide to investing in 2023 can get you started on your investing journey!

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Disclaimer: This content is for entertainment purposes only. Investing
is risky and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose.
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  1. Thanks for this video especially PDT rule. I have been in the think or swim platform and trading paper money for three weeks now. My goal is to fund my account with $1k and my strategy is to make $100.00 day. So my question is I have an account with TD Ameritrade how do I make sure that it’s a Cash account when I fund with my thousand dollars?

  2. Thanks for the newbies video. I understand stop loss for stocks that you were investing with overtime. Do you have a video or a tutorial for a stop lost when you’re just trading options? For example, like if you’re only in the market for an hour a day ?

  3. Oh so this is like beginner beginner explanation 😂 good for people who are just starting, i’ll wait for a little more « advanced » videos

  4. Do you offer like 5 day free discord trial or something like that. I am asking only because I joined Discord channels before and paid like $150 per month just to find out it wasn't for me at all. They were great discord but not for me.

  5. Thank you thank you thank you

    For some reason SOOOOO many investors talk and explain so fast I've actually started watching videos with the audio slowed down just to keep up!

    You da best! THANK YOU 💕💕💪🏻💪🏻💖💖

  6. I clicked to see what bs you feed people to get a some views for your channel. Everyone is wondering why a ''trader'' who is making money has the need to make a videos like every talentless low life wanting to make a quick buck

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