How To Make $1,000 Per Month With Dividend Stocks

Dividend Stocks

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Passive income. It’s the holy grail for a lot of people out there. Unlike the holy grail, though, passive income is very attainable for everyday people. Even enough passive income to live off of. I’d know.

I was in debt at 27 years old. But by living well below my means and consistently and aggressively investing my savings into high-quality dividend growth stocks, I achieved financial freedom at only 33 years old.

What’s that mean? Well, my passive dividend income was enough to cover my basic expenses in life. And that meant I didn’t really have to have a job anymore.

Now, “financial freedom” in purely dollar terms is different for everyone. That’s because everyone has different needs and lifestyles. But $1,000 per month in purely passive dividend income is a great start. And that’s enough of a foundation to unlock a good amount of financial freedom in anyone’s life. Today, I want to tell you how to make $1,000 per month in dividends.

Before I get started with the nuts and bolts, let me just say that making $1,000 per month in dividend income is extremely possible for almost anyone out there.

I grew up on welfare. My parents abandoned me when I was a kid. I don’t have a college degree. I quit my car dealership day job, which didn’t even pay a super high income, at 32 years old.

Yet I personally earn more than $1,000 per month in dividends. So if you say to me, “I can’t do it”, I’m going to tell you that you’re wrong. Because I did it coming from nothing in life. Actually, worse than nothing. I was below broke when I started my journey to financial freedom in my late 20s.

And here I am, financially free in my 30s.

Let me just say that it’s fantastic. It’s worth whatever so-called “sacrifices” you might have to make. Because I can’t think of a bigger sacrifice in life than to go without being financially free. People who have to go to jobs they don’t like? To me, that’s the sacrifice.

So where do you start? How do you make $1,000 per month in dividends?

Well, you really have to start with a SMART goal. It’s an acronym. S.M.A.R.T.

That’s specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound.

Put a goal for $1,000 in monthly dividend income together that’s SMART. This SMART goal will be specific to you,because we all have different incomes, savings rates, tax rates, family situations, time horizons, risk tolerances, etc. But if you insert all of those specifics within the framework of a SMART goal, you will be able to design a path toward $1,000 per month in dividend income that can be reverse engineered so that you know how to get there and when you’ll get there.

Something that’s not specific to you? The numbers around a portfolio’s value and yield as it pertains to making $1,000 per month in dividend income.

A portfolio’s value and its yield are simple math. Mastering this math and using this math within the SMART goal framework will tell you exactly what kind of portfolio you have to build in order to produce that $1,000 per month in dividend income.

Let me explain. I’ll give you two examples of this math.

A $300,000 portfolio yielding 4% will produce $12,000 per year in dividend income. That’s $1,000 per month in dividends.

Likewise, a $400,000 portfolio yielding 3% will also produce $12,000 per year in dividend income. That’s also $1,000 per month in dividends.

$300,000 is easier than $400,000. So why not just always go for higher yield?

Well, that’s because yield and risk are almost always closely correlated. The higher the yield on your portfolio, the more risk you’re taking on. We just put out a video on the AT&T dividend cut (URL: I’ve heard from investors who had 10% or more of their portfolios in AT&T, and now they’re stressed out and trying to reposition their portfolios.

As I’ve said so many times, don’t chase yield. When you stretch for yield in order to produce more dividend income from less capital, there’s no free lunch there. The trade-off is more risk.

Now, that’s up to you as to how much risk you’re comfortable with.

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  1. useless channel, besides the fact you're very unpleasant to listen to, stretching everything out and making the video 4 times longer than it should be, the advice you give is stupid, and you make 1k a month dividend seem easy when people have to get 350~k to get that much

  2. I've only been on my dividend journey for a short while so I'm starting with $100/month goal and will then bump it up incrementally until I hit $1000!

  3. What about call option ETFs like JEPI and NUSI or QYLD? They yield 8% to 12%; NUSI has a put option to protect against downside.

  4. Great video, really helpful thank you. I started my journey last August and have been saving hard since!

  5. I purchased two of the cannabis stocks he highlighted a little while back and have not been disappointed. Thank you Jason for helping free me I too come from the Metro Detroit area, just north of 8 mile. So I find your story incredibly compelling and motivational as my story is only beginning. Be well

  6. I like your videos and follow them for ideas. I am new at this and get confused by all the info on stocks. Can you please make a video explaining p/e ratio and all the basic indicators and how to interpret them while choosing a stock?

  7. How much, as a percentage, in cash should a portfolio be? I don't want to be near zero, but I'm always worried about having too much in cash just sitting there with interest rates so low

  8. I had to leave my job for health reasons in 2015. Used my 401K to fund my IRA accounts (under 100K at that time) and stumbled along and learned until the Covid was making headlines last Feb. 2020 and moved into cash 100%. Had a plan and companies picked out, started back in last April/May and now I`m making $700+ each month! I now do very little with it and watch it compound my goal is $1200! You helped me the entire way!

  9. Love the suggestions you put out! Even if I only put small positions down on recent companies it all adds up to the passive stream.

  10. I prefer 2 percent range cause those stocks typically have a faster dividend growth rate than the 4 percent yielders. Maybe abbvie is the exception.

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