How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners [Free Education Course]


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Video Outline
0:00 Introduction
0:54 Why Now?
2:20 What We’ll Be Covering
4:16 Getting Started
4:59 Introduction
5:57 Why Should You Invest in the Stock Market?
8:00 Why Invest Now?
9:08 Risks of Investing
11:19 What are Stocks?
13:15 Why Do Companies Issue Stock?
14:48 What is a Stock Market?
16:18 Preferred vs. Common Stock
17:52 Types of Stocks
19:07 Stock Market Terminology
26:34 Before You Start
26:56 Setting Financial Goals
29:52 Do This Before Investing
30:50 Set Your Risk Profile
31:07 Low & High Risk Investments
31:25 Rule of Thumb
31:56 Active vs. Passive Investing
33:46 Opening a Brokerage Account
34:29 Moomoo
36:36 Claiming Free Stocks
37:18 Brokerage Tutorial
42:14 How to Build Your Portfolio
42:40 Fundamental & Technical Analysis
46:18 Staying Informed
47:15 4 Steps to Creating Your Stock Portfolio
48:01 Dollar-Cost Averaging
48:47 6 Essentials Tips for Success
51:04 Taxation on Investments
51:50 Additional Resources
52:46 Conclusion & Key Takeaways
53:59 Outro

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  1. genuinely great video, I've watched a ton of yt videos on stocks but this is the most informative I've seen by far, thank you!

  2. If we are being truthful to ourselves, just like the rich, taxes can be a big pain. Income tax, value added tax, property tax, etc. Paying taxes is good, but we could also create our own tax havens. I personally put my money mostly in the stock market, since its appreciation is not taxable, and then when I sell, I find ways to make the income non-deductible in taxes. I 'm currently sitting on more than $327k of cash, and I'm definitely throwing it in the market. Just thinking of how to not lose it all, since the market is red.

  3. The crypto market has been unfavorable for months and i keep losing my money selling off during dips, i'm very scared of holding right now. how do you guys still make so much?

  4. I just saw this video for 5 min and i can alredy see that this is a great vid so pls can i have the presantion that u said u will give

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