How to Dip Buy Stocks THE RIGHT WAY (ABCD Pattern)

Stock Market

Learn the proper way to buy the dip in the stock market! Too many traders have no real strategy when it comes to buying a dip, which can be a costly mistake. Learn this simple pattern and trading strategy to dip buy stocks with accuracy.


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  1. Hi Travis, great video! was wondering if this works with swing trading too or if it's restricted to day trading

  2. All nice, and I use that pattern, but how do you setup a scanner for that pattern? Hard to find.

  3. I’m speachless bro. I found your stuff on reddit & I was skeptical. I’ve been looking for stuff like this. Everyone goes into trader spsychology which is fine but NO ONE OFFERS simple technical analysis videos. Thank you so much bro.

  4. Hi Travis thanks for taking the time to share your expertise, just wanted to know I can create or what option to chose in order to see the two white lines top and bottom ones across from point A to point point D and all the way across? (with candlesticks chart in the middle or between the top and bottom white line)

  5. So if you buy the stock at point C at .36 and then the stock then dips to point B at .35, would you just sell the stock right away?

  6. Excuse me if my lack of knowledge seems more than what i think its at but whats that software called? the one where you're viewing the stock from?

  7. What's the name of the of the volume indicator you use the one that gives red & green levels within the candle?

  8. When buying at point C, would it be wise to set a stop limit order so that you automatically sell if there is no breakout at point D? Or would you want to monitor constantly and as soon as you see it drop below point B’s low you sell?

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