How to Buy Your FIRST Rental Property in 2023


Ready to buy your first rental property in 2023? If you’re going to reach financial independence, retire early, and own your time, you better get started. But you can’t build a rental property portfolio without buying your first, second, or third deal. So, how do you go from real estate zero to rental property hero without having any experience? Take some notes from rental property investing expert David Greene, who built his financial freedom-producing portfolio in under ten years!

David walks step-by-step through everything you must do to buy your first rental property in 2023. From finding the deals, getting your financing and loans set up, analyzing a property, and repeating the system. If you listen fully through this episode, you’ll have everything you need to find and buy your first (or next) rental property. So what are you waiting for? Grab a notepad and a pen, and don’t get distracted by David’s beautiful bald head. Now is the time to start building your life of financial freedom!

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Episode #754

Show notes at:

00:00 Intro
01:36 Quick Tip
02:17 How to Buy Your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Rental Property
07:58 Getting the First Deals Done
11:08 Finding the Financing
14:36 Finding the Deals
18:28 Finding Direction
21:36 The BEST Way to Find Deals
25:04 How to Analyze a Rental in MINUTES
39:08 What PRO Investors Do

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  1. I love your podcast but your comment “no one was investing or knew how easy it was” shows you weren’t in the game before the financial crisis. Everyone was flipping houses. Even grandma was flipping. Then rising Interest rates put them all in financial ruin. Be very careful everyone using the Brrr method with the adjustable rates. They can destroy all you have worked to build.

  2. Great video! At 30 years old, I've had my real estate license for 10 years and now 13 rental units with one STR, and I still find value in all the bigger pockets videos, podcasts, and posts. Great job guys!

  3. Greetings David from South Florida (Fort Lauderdale). Real Estate Agent for 5 years and getting ready to buy another property. Just found out about you and my teammate and myself reading your books…. and just joined Bigger Pockets Pro! I walk 5 miles a day and listen to your books on Audible.

  4. These videos would GREATLY benefit if they were giving the meat/potatoes… You know: bullet points and statistic data to back it up. I have tried repeatedly to watch these videos but ears start bleeding and mind starts wandering.

  5. For most people, at least the bunch I talk to, it’s not so much the fear that’s stopping us from buying a rental property, it’s the capital. I wish the hosts on this podcasts here would lean their discussions more towards the capital barrier and less on the fear barrier. You just pulled up a down deposit of $33,000 on that property and most of the discussion that followed was getting over your fear of buying. It takes some people years if not decades to build that amount of money. Not all of us got it like that to scale and buy properties every year… More talks about methods and resources to overcome the capital barrier and less “you’re probably not giving it your all… you’re probably not going to the gym and lifting the weights as hard as you can…you’re probably not pursuing that girl that you really like” @ 40:14. Please…

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