How To Buy Your First Rental Property Even If You’re Broke


Here’s how you can buy your first rental property this year!

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Are you trying to buy your first rental property this year but aren’t sure where to start? Ryan Pineda goes step by step how you can do that, with tips and tricks for finding deals and funding! Ryan also discusses whether or not you should buy one in the first place! A rental property isn’t always the best investment depending on an individual’s situation.

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  1. First off… Your haircut is everything… (this is my first time watching your videos). and second… Thank you for the information and the insight!! Much appreciated. For sure

  2. Reinvesting back in yourself comment was 🔥. Thank you for the advice and expertise. We have an audience I think would love to travel and ride mountain bikes in new destinations and as a business owner I want to diversify and get into airbnbs to offer these properties and experiences to our pretty good-sized audience but fear I may have “shiny object syndrome “ as you called it. Thanks a lot!

  3. W2, living in NYC, interested in buying a property in the tri-state where I will live in the house and rent the other rooms out. Hoping to start the early stages of the process by spring 2024

  4. Thanks for your insights and at your 3:42 min. mark in your video, most viewers here should understand hiking up rents (which investors rely on) sadly, has lead to homelessness. Folks can't keep up with the new, beautifully remodeled homes. Not everyone is earning a professional wage. Home rentals changed to room rentals and most recently, it's morphed to room sharing: the cramming as many as 4 people to a room! I know an investor currently has gone into losing money consistently renting homes > to room renting > to room sharing (she found that families can no longer afford her rent rate!) in one state, leading her to flip both her properties quickly and settling herself in a mobile home (cheapest she could find for herself!) in another state. She's also changing her career! I'm seeing this over and over: folks can't afford rent that you and other investors expect. Since COVID conditions have driven e v e r y t h i n g to cost more, we're seeing how including Silicon Valley pay days cover far less. Budgeting seems to be one of the big hassles for working folks these days! Our values are clashing in this country, obviously. Perhaps, we could use a reliable business ethic whose "doors" could open every day and know that folks can afford products offered there. Good luck during these uncertain times. Note: we could see from state to state their large cities suffer less homelessness and investors could reliably get money $$ back on each investment if they wouldn't rush to outprice each rental as though it were their last. I'm only stating the obvious: sad results of vibrant cities slowly dying decade after decade in our country, USA.

  5. I dont understand why a bank doesnt take into account that the home you are going to buy is going to be a Revenue Generating Property….
    I want to buy a home with a separate section that is to be rented out that will generate $19,200/year.

  6. It sounds good, but reality is that for nonQM loans (DSCR, P&L, etc…) you need higher downpayment as well a decent score..

    Being siting and talking as you to get views is easy and to sell “mentorship “

  7. I started investing when I was 27, mostly through sweat equity. I just turned 32 and this last month was the first time that my passive income broke $100k for the month. This is solid advice! DO IT!

    You don’t have to get rich quick, you just have to get RICH no matter what. 👍🏼

  8. When everything started to tank after my retirement, I lost more than $40,000. Not because I was involved in a heated exchange. Because that's what everyone else said, I was just dumb to hold, and that's why. Even while I still have responsibility for my decisions, I now consider myself to be a better investor because I am more aware of the potential pitfalls. I was in the market for more than 3 years before I realized that. I'm happy to have discovered a way to get my money back at approximately $5,000 per week in profits. Many thanks, Mrs. Desiree Madison.

  9. If you buy a primary home, and end up renting it out, how would they know? Asking for a friend 😅 also what is the punishment if caught? Again, for my friend 😅 also when he says buy primary house every year, can you use FHA loan more than once?

  10. I think you should keep you great information for as secret
    Go and buy those properties
    Stop giving us the bullshit
    We heard that 10,000 times before
    Best regards

    We don’t need you information

  11. I'm 54 and my wife and I are VERY worried about our future, gas and food prices rising daily. We have had our savings dwindle with the cost of living into the stratosphere, and we are finding it impossible to replace them. We can get by, but can't seem to get ahead. My condolences to anyone retiring in this crisis, 30 years nonstop just for a crooked system to take all you worked for.,.

  12. If you’re broke, the least of your concerns should be trying to buy real estate. You can forget about taking some big risk, you’re putting your name on the line and your reputation.

    If I was broke, I’d just live within my means and work hard till I get to a point where whatever dream I have, I can finalize out a plan around it.

    Something may have worked for one person but it’s misguided to give everyone that advice and think it’s help.

  13. Thanks so much Ryan! I currently live in the Midwest & I’m a w-2 worker trying desperately to get out of working for other people & become an entrepreneur. This video was super helpful

  14. I like that you are getting more focus into Real Estate tips with your Youtube videos. I really love this video!!!
    Appreciated. I'm a beginner that only have two midterm rentals but I want to grow faster.

  15. Excellent content Ryan; thank you for sharing it. I want to get start it doing wholesale, lease options, seller financing, and pre-foreclosures to build my foundation and make my first 250K as you mention. Can you help me get going with my foundation? Thank you, Hector!!!

  16. Simple advice is bullshit advice. Oh just learn how to make 250,000 per year. Da, if you can make 250,000 per year well ya, you'll have no problem buying houses to rent, flip whatever.

  17. Bro people talk just to talk you guys have to watch Ben mallah is fucking simple
    – your first property should be anything you can afford with a conventional loan 3% down. Live in it for a year cash out refinance use that money to buy another residential property live in it for a year cash out refinance your profit money is always going to come from your cash out refinances that’s how you build up millions

  18. Not, I've tried & all want a high deposit.. Low deposit, then you gotta dump money into them..
    Remember, if it sounds good? It's most likely not true or possibly.
    Nothing is free

  19. My god. A person telling you to slow down and learn what the hell you're doing. What a breath of fresh air compared to everyone else telling you how easy it is.

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