How to BUY Stocks During A STOCK MARKET CRASH by Peter Lynch

Stock Market

The stock market will always be volatile, accept it! Long-term, earnings will go up and that is actually what you are investing in – you are owning a business. At the moment the stock market crash has recovered a bit, but investing is always the same and you need to know how to behave! Here is a great video from Peter Lynch telling all you need to know about investing and how to invest when stocks crash.

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  1. Managed to get out of my high valuation positions that I got in 2020 without losing money and a small profit. Ended up 2020 with 45% return and lost 80% of that 45% profit in about 1 month.
    Clearly figured something was wrong since the Indexes were still going up and my whole portfolio was extremely volatile.
    Found Sven and re-evaluated all my positions.
    I am grateful to have found you after 1 year of investing in the market and very lucky that I didn't actually lose money for now while learning from my mistakes.

  2. Hi Sven, I am curious to know which platform do you use for performing the fundamental analysis – FCF , EPS etc. for a stock over the last many years. I see that in most of your videos and keen to know.

  3. y is this guy not getting offers to come on cnbc or coming on lectures on market b4 we miss out on learning from a great long term investor! god bless PL


  5. Yeah, but the markets are waaay different these days with central banks pumping prices and buying stocks

  6. What a video, hats off to Peter Lynch, it takes someone supremely confident in his abilities to admit his mistakes and how he learned from them.

  7. I followed Peter Lynch and Jim Slater during my four year education of picking stocks and my hit rate was around 60% success. But I also had two companies go bust on me and that's when I realised how 'individual shares' can present risk in their own right.
    I realised that my global index trackers outperformed my individual stock picking and they were more efficient – wrapped in an ISA (IRA).
    And now, I'm not stuck in front of a computer for 8 hours per day.
    Global technology is up 65% in one year – I'd never have achieved that from individual shares.
    So I'm happier owning thousands of companies in a tracker, than 5-10 individual companies.

  8. My wife likes Evan Peters and Ross lynch. I am like bitch please, the only peter and lynch I like is peter lynch

  9. @5:00 "it's very hard to go bankrupt if you don't have any debt" … look at the balance sheet, if debts are more than assets that's a huge red flag 🚩

  10. @2:00 Lynch says 'study history' … in his books he also discusses how his undergrad in history, philosophy and logic was more important to his investing success than his MBA.

  11. The only famous investor to have a left side hair part, but they all love baseball references.

  12. I still love hearing people talk about investing in penny stocks. Something about it makes him think they can’t lose a lot of money. The sense of it drives me mad.

  13. PETER LYNCH looks old and young at the same time. Just like his views on investing. Such an amazing soul.

  14. Lost 75% of my account this week.. I learned that psychology is a day in day out thing. Just when you think you've reached a certain development point there's is always another one waiting.. Eish. Great video BTW

  15. Hey Sven- I had a question that I hope you can make a video on someday as I find it difficult to understand so I bet others do too. It came about from the part of Peter Lynchs talk about how he bought the stock at 15 and the company liquidated itself and gave the share holders $50 a share?

    I am curious about this part- because I dont think alot of amateur investors like myself understand how this happens. Also, hypothetical situation that may or may not be relevant- say Gamestop, GME, is currently in debt about 500M but is expected to be out of debt in a couple of years because of the new console cycle- Right now they are doomed to fail in the long term and become the next blockbuster video if they dont come up with something radical in the next 5 years…. My question is- could they just hypothetical liquidate all of its assets in a couple of years (at the peak of the next console cycle) and shut down the buisiness and pass all of the profits onto shareholders.?? Is this a thing?

  16. I got in on ford at 4.41,CCL at 8.25 and cuk at 10.69. Been at this for a week, those are winning but I want to try next day penny stocks sells next. I started with 75 and I'm up to 113. Gonna keep putting in and see where it goes.

  17. What the Feds are doing now to pump the market will defy all of Peter's wisdom – Trump would keep throwing money, without the economoy running, until everyone owns lots of dollars/stocks with no stuff to buy –

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