Highest Paying Dividend Stock 30%+ Yield! YES I’M BUYING!

Dividend Stocks

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► My name is Benjie and I am a 28 year old Business owner from Miami FL! I never had much growing up and it wasn’t until my first year of college when I literally had $200 to my name (No savings no NOTHING) I started my social media business which later took off. Now days I own a few companies that I have made video about in the past and have a new found PASSION for the stock market and Dividend Investing. Last year I started documenting my journey investing into the stock market (Starting with little to no knowledge) and wanted to share this process to not only look back on, but also to share with everyone!

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  2. Just like you don't buy AAPL for the dividend, you don't buy SLVO for the price appreciation. The trick here is to make sure the amount you gain in dividends is greater than the price depreciation over the course of the year. Otherwise, it's just a wash and waste of everyone's time.

  3. After going with a 100% crypto portfolio, I’m back to making it 50 crypto / 50 dividend 💯🤙

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