Here is the PERFECT Dividend Portfolio: Only Need These 7 Dividend Stocks


These 7 dividend stocks from different sectors make up a diversified dividend investing portfolio! Each of these are my favorites and have a long history of growing their dividends every year. Dividend growth and share price appreciation are important for dividend investors to gain passive income for life!
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0:00 – 7 Dividend Stocks for the PERFECT investing portfolio
1:17 – Dividend Stock 1 – Information Technology
2:28 – Dividend Stock 2 – Consumer Staples
3:35 – Dividend Stock 3 – Healthcare
4:41 – Dividend Stock 4 – Consumer Discretionary
6:05 – One Stop Shop for Finance Research
7:00 – Dividend Stock 5 – Communications
8:15 – Dividend Stock 6 – Energy
9:30 – Dividend Stock 7 – Real Estate/ REIT
11:25 – Very important for all dividend investors (DON’T make this mistake!)

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  1. At 0:39, I believe that interpretation is in incorrect. The dividend yield is a function of your cost basis, not the current stock value. Your yield is on the cost basis, then you have either a capital appreciation/loss on the equity value.

  2. Thanks for this video Professor G – Do you have a video on HOW to start investing in dividend companies if you’re a regular person and don’t have a huge amount of money to start with. For example would you buy a few shares/stocks and then add to it each month like how you would with an index fund or ETF?

  3. Your channel is great. I invest for income, so MFST and LOWE dividends are too low for me. Instead of MFST, I have AVGO, which I love. I also have 110,00 in SCHD as well as 95,000 in VGT for growth. ABBV, PEP, VZ, CVX, and XOM have been great. I also have a few other REIT,s BDCs and CEFs to round out the portfolio. Annual dividend income is around 43,000. Right now, I don't need the dividends, so everything is reinvested. I invest more retired than I ever did while I worked.

  4. Excellent video, just an observation in the long run (when the accumulated capital will be more) The management costs of ETFs would cost a lot, unlike the shares that do not have any.

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