GameStop skyrockets as retail investors force short squeeze

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The Reddit group WallStreetBets, which is behind the massive run in GameStop, has now gone private. Leslie Picker joins Shep Smith to explain how and why GameStop stock surged in the past couple of months. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  2. I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $450,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide.

  3. Went to Game Stop, the tiny mixed selection of games where new and used have been shuffled together sucks! It’s pointless to goto the store now! Poorly managed small toy store! No thanks

  4. With Biden in the White House , there’s going to be all kind of bad crap happening ,
    Millions of immigrants homeless all over America
    Prisoners will be loose
    More small businesses closing down
    Millions of jobs loss in the oil industry cause gas stations to close and dealership would have to throw away gas cars and replace them with electric
    Guys allow to play in girls sports if guys consider themselves as a female

  5. Hopefully this is only the beginning. “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they'll eat the rich”.

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  7. Its like 3 Million with Sledge Hammers at Hoover Dam .. Market is Nervous .. Gold Futures going Wild !


  9. What you left out is the most important part The greedy HEDGE FUND shorted the stock 120% of it total float Which is illegal called it Naked short They would have bankrupted Gamestop send it into liquidation and thousands would have lost jobs . Gamestop was saved by retail traders and got a new CEO Ryan Cohen

  10. This is the multitude starting to affect the financial system and the markets. The market is based on the assumption that agents are not coordinated. Another assumption in market economics theory is that agents have equal access to information. Well, the second assumption doesn't hold in reality. So rich people/organizations have always had an advantage on the market since they had more information. In essence, they have always rigged the market. But the new technology allows the crowds to coordinate, to sum their forces, to form what I call a new wave of Multitude. These people also have rapid access to information and can coordinate in real time. So they can now rig the market as well. The forces amassed by their sheer number out manouver and overpower traditional institutions.
    We've seen this dynamic in other spheres already. The financial system has now become unsustainable to the attacks of the multitude, like other systems before. We're in a process of major transformations.
    The establishments is going to counterattack. They are going to use all the tricks in the book, clean and dirty, to fight this But they cannot stop this massive movement.
    Forget the left vs right, communism vs capitalism. We're seeing the rising of the antagonism between the multitude using p2p dynamics and the centralized world, controlled by the 1%-ters.
    The centralized world getting bitten at it's own game 🙂

  11. Pity naive people, thinking they really living in a free country, and can beat greedy capitalism by well playing their rules? Too naive! They forgot capitals own the country, own the rules, they can simply change the rules whenever favor them.

  12. It’s still not over! 😂 now they’re inflating a meme based crypto called ‘doge coin’ and making even more money 😂 Robinhood is trying to shut it down as we speak. 😂

  13. Dont forget the real problem is the hedgefunds shorting stock %170 plus. It leaves them exposed to unlimited downside which is inherently more risky than owning a stock. And they were allowed to double that risk. They DESERVE to lose. And individual investors are NOT to blame.

  14. Not "massive" short… 140 f***ing percent short. THERE WERE MORE SHARES SHORTED THAN THE ENTIRE NUMBER OF SHARES OUTSTANDING.

  15. Screw those rich pos. The stock market was created to invest in companies, it has become a casino for rich pos. Protesting in the street against them doesn't do anything, but hit them in their wallets, you'll bring them to their knees.

  16. F these hedge funds. Think about it. What they’re doing. Bunch of manipulators. Sick of them. Shorting a company to the ground for what?

  17. We are going to see more amazing plays, billionaires won’t see coming because they underestimate the little guy

  18. They're like the kid that can't handle losing so they flip the game board. Sucks to lose hedge fundies!!

  19. I was force to sell all my shares, as newbie my only thoughts if I don't sell im going to loose it all. And when I attempted to cancelled them I was not able too. Now I'm down alot of money and I need my money back.

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