Finance Lecture – Bonds and Stocks


  1. Hello, thanks for this helpful video and explanations. Can you just precise which formula you used to calculate the present value of bonds? and what's the different between the coupon rate and the interest rate? is the interest always given in exercises ?

  2. I'm so pissed. This was too easy yet I had no clue how to do it because our professor doesn't teach us anything!!

  3. thanks for the great lecture, this is by far the best teaching on similar subject. wish you could add more topics on trading.

  4. does anybody else think this guy sounds like Tom Hanks? 🙂

    I really appreciate this video. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for sharing and found the content extremely helpful for my studies – much appreciated.

  6. interesting lecture with good notes. I am going to use it for study purpose.

  7. I am from Jamaica and I am really enjoying your lectures; I have even shared them with my colleagues, I only wish that you would go more in depth. Our teachers talks about supernormal and so on and we get some really long formulas…hope you will keep posting and post more in depth lectures too. Thanks

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