Dividend Stocks

Learn about dividend stock investing for beginners. I’m excited to share my personal dividend investing and passive income strategy in today’s video guide.
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0:00 Introduction: Dividends provide steadily-increasing passive income that can be used for ordinary living expenses.
1:29 I’m excited to share 36 photographs that each tell a story about dividend stock investing for beginners.
2:43 Dividend stock investing is for everyone. It does not require owning obscure companies. I invest in household brand-name companies that pay dividends.
3:50 Dividend stock investing is a hack or cheat code to the game of life. Dividends help us break free from job-dependency.
5:20 Dividend stock investing is a community! We all get it.
5:36 Dividends are about community, growing, teaching, hustling, respect, looking toward the future, and more.
6:02 Dividend stocks leave a legacy.
6:35 Be careful about skeptics. Stay focused on your dreams.
7:00 The goal of dividend investing is generating passive income that can replace job income.
7:22 Dividend stock investing can be a fight. It’s about fighting for financial freedom and staying strong during the difficult parts of the journey.
10:23 Dividend stock investing is like developing a property. It’s like building a business. We all have to start from somewhere, brick-by-brick.
12:25 The analogy between dividend stocks and fruit trees is huge.
13:12 Time is one of the most important factors with dividend investing.
13:30 Dividends can pay bills. It’s ok to use some of the fruit from the dividend tree.
14:50 Key Takeaway: Being frugal is a huge part of successful dividend stock investing.
16:08 Times in nature are much more important than material objects.
16:38 Dividends are a lifestyle.
17:00 Enjoy the journey, it’s ok to splurge.
18:10 It’s all about family and friends.
19:37 It starts small, but the portfolio grows over the long-term.
20:04 Dividend investing changes lives.
20:35 Dividends give back and do good!
21:28 Dividends live on forever. It’s a legacy!
22:00 It’s ok to have contradictions.
23:08 Frugal lunch is the best.
24:58 I invest with passion and emotion.
25:25 Traditional best practices may not make sense with dividends.
26:15 I’m a contrarian investor.
27:50 I buy world-class companies that are on sale.
29:20 Google who makes the various products you love.
29:47 Wasn’t oil supposed to go out of business?
30:53 Go to Costco for investing ideas.
33:00 Could McDonalds (MCD) be the best dividend stock?
34:31 I love companies with a competitive moat.
35:30 The Home Depot (HD) is a great place to find investment ideas.
36:08 Diversification is key.
37:47 Keep your eyes open at work.
40:00 I double down on industries I love.
41:25 Real Estate can pay huge dividends.
44:24 Dividend investors don’t give up.
45:20 You are in a race against yourself.
46:15 Dividends ease stress.
47:53 Dividend investing and running are very similar.

Here’s my AbbVie dividend stock analysis: youtu.be/D14hmitCI4E

Dividend stock investing can change your life: youtu.be/ulNP-dYV1Ww

DISCLOSURE: I am long 3M (MMM), Coca-Cola (KO), AbbVie (ABBV), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Apple (AAPL), PepsiCo (PEP), Otis Elevator (OTIS), Utz Brands Inc. (UTZ), Campbell’s Soup (CPB), Chevron (CVX), The Home Depot (HD), Starbucks (SBUX), McDonalds (MCD). I own these stocks in my personal stock portfolio.

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  2. <great post 🙌🏻Very detailed and precise video you put up mate I love your contents, it's funny how some folks out there still haven't accepted the fact that cryptocurrencies continue to reshape the world globally, It's hard for anyone going against it these days, though from a trader's perspective I feel we really need more experts in the field updating newbies/investors on how the community works, lately the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently open and you can't tell if it is going to bearish or bullish, this uncertainty pushes most traders away and forces investors to hold, I'd say it's outrightly wrong to just sit back and wait maybe incur some losses along the line, that's a wrong mindset for an investor because as an investor finding ways to always increase and stock up more coins should be our ultimate goal thereby making profits, it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your strategies. I started with 2 BTC and I have accumulated over 5.5 BTC in just 4weeks, with the right trading strategy given to me by an expert trader Bruce Olsen.. His methods are top-notch and profitable and he can be contacted easily on T e l e g r a m [ @Bruce_trades] and also what'sapp–(+,1,7,4,7,2,3,7,5,8,9,4.)for Crypto related concern✊.

  3. This is great Ian!! Starting from the beginning is a great idea! You have given me the confidence to start investing throughout all your videos. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making these videos!

  4. Lol hows bitcoin working 😂. By the Ian, Buffett didnt buy KO by finding it in Costco. He read a lot of financial statements and research. You are too defensive. With your thinking ppl can never find a hidden gem. By the way, i like your videos.

  5. Don't give up on your dividend portfolios people! Keep goin! Say no to having the newest this or that each year and say yes to freedom.

  6. “Totally stacking chips”. Love it. Actually just added to CPB today and love it on this dip. Hoping to add more in the $45-$46 range as I see about 9% upside to fair value and a great 3.2% starting yield. Love the Kettle chips mention in this video. Campbells’ Late July brand is so incredible as well.

    I’ve already commented on this video, but before watching it in its entirety. I can’t overhype this video enough. This video resonates with me on every level. I walk through Winco here in Oregon and see KMB, PEP, CPB, UL, PG, UTZ, CLX, KO etc and am like a kid at Disneyland in there 😅.

    Also just spent some time in the Juniper forest/desert near Bend, OR. Love the Sunriver/Bend mention. Special places to be sure.

    One of my favorite PPC Ian videos to date, thanks Ian 🙏🏼

  7. “Time is the friend of a wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre” – If a company manages to keep competitors at bay (so there is not a perfectly competitive market but instead a monopoly) then it is a company to keep in your portfolio forever.

  8. Watched and liked, thanks Ian! Always appreciate your quality content, and encouraging spirit.

  9. This isn't really a guide on how to be a dividend investor…it's a guide on how to be a thug life investor!

  10. Is it better to invest in regular stocks sell it after decades and then invest in dividend stock when you actually have money? Otherwise starting with minimal money you’re getting a few dollars back a year right?

  11. dividend investing gives you options and it sure does buy back your time excellent video

  12. Abbvie cancer meds saved my friend without having to go through chemo…I’ve invested hard in the company since.

  13. I remember 16k subscribers and Ian not liking ABBV. Back when 38 stocks were in the portfolio. A lot of growth since then!

  14. Amazing video and needed this with all the worry about how high the market is and inflation etc

  15. Kick down street knowledge you dividend pimp- I'd love to help you plant a permaculture garden, thirty years of PNW gardening…

    If you have a lawn- convert it to an urban farm, what you save on water and produce bills- can be invested….

    Dividends and Permaculture are very much the same.

  16. Thanks Ian for all your work with fundamental analysis. I am not a beginner but I still learnt few things

  17. Best thing about Dividend Investing is that dips are easier to see as opportunities. Even if you buy growth stocks you should keep your eyes on dividend yields in the same industry to see if things are underpriced.

  18. I find people get surprised when I share how easily I manage my stock portfolio and accounts, they think tirelessly at it. Truth is I leave the numbers and all my trade affairs to Licensed pro analyst Mr Noud mika. Noud got me invested in the s&p500, both through my TSP with the government, and through Fidelity in my 401k, cashed out 310k from the S&P. I currently have a million in my tax deferred savings and around $1.1 million in my portfolio under speculation and management from Noud.

  19. Almost first!! Stoked to see a new PPC Ian video! So stoked that I popped in during work 🤣

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