Creative Investing in Real Estate with Pace Morby & Grant Cardone


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Creative Investing in Real Estate with Pace Morby & Grant Cardone –

On today’s episode of Power Players, I have with me @PaceMorby Me and my wife have been following this guy for years. Today we will be talking about some really interesting ways on how to make money in real estate. This guy blew my mind and showed me some stuff I didn’t think was possible.

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  1. Why is no one asking about providing assurance to sellers that the mortgage will be paid? Seller deeds propery to Pace, but still has obligation for mortgage, how do they get assurance Pace pays mortgage or does the mortgage stick to ownership of propery since it’s a lien on the asset?

  2. I'm 48years old living in California, I'm hoping to retire at 50 if things keep going well for me. Bought my third house last month and I can't be more proud that am i now. I'm glad I made great decision about my finances that changed me forever but now I can't seem to make any other smart investment.

  3. This is all a TRAP to pay Grant Cardone's mortgages on his properties Like a lot of narcissists, he uses a word salad to confuse people. In the end, he gets richer and you have nothing. The world is a lot better place when people own their own homes.

  4. Who is dumb enough to swap 1600$ a month income for 370$?
    It blow’s my mind, hire a management company and still make double that easy without doing anything.

  5. Great video! I really do have a question. For someone with less than $10,000 to invest, how would you recommend we enter the crypto market? I am looking at studying some traders and copying their strategy rather than investing myself and losing money emotionally. What’s your take on this approach?

  6. I hate that pace is running to the top 1 percent to tell them this! Man you’re teach GC the in and out of this to build one person up and one person only, and that’s you!

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