Bitcoin Holds for FOMC Meeting


Today let’s talk Bitcoin, Crypto, and about the US market. Let’s talk about what to expect this week with Fed Powell’s FOMC press conference.

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  1. Verdaderamente, ahora es el momento perfecto para comenzar a comprar BTC, ETH, USDT si recién te están presentando. Realmente desearía haber comenzado antes. Estoy aprendiendo que esto no tiene que ser tan complicado como algunas personas piensan. Gracias a la Sra. Silvia Palfrey por ayudarme a ingresar a su servidor comercial y pautas de inversión. invertir y operar es algo más que tener habilidades de TA. ¡Hay un gran componente de disciplina que hay que trabajar! Si tiene esa mentalidad como inversionista, mantendrá la calma durante la tormenta. En unos meses estaba ganando mucho más dinero y continué en el mismo camino con la Sra. Silvia.

  2. Really sorry that happened to you mate. It can have a big impact and take a while to bounce back from – probably something that will always stay with you in some way – random acts of violence are traumatising like that – most of us will always be more guarded as a result. But I hope you find a way to balance it in your head, with all the good in the world, and don’t let it affect how you want to live your life. All the very best to you, your son, and the rest of your friends and family who I’m sure are worried 👍

  3. My prediction. Just like in Canada, there will be another 0,25% rate hike. Not enough small regional banks have gone bankrupt yet because I think the government wants only a few big banks to remain standing when they are going to launch their CBDC.

  4. well if USA is keeping on printing money, they will never cut the rates, they will only raise rates untill u change your way. and then we have Gensler and your pedophile as president. stay safe stay HODL

  5. I came in right before the last bullrun , made a lot of newbie mistakes but boy what I all have learned during this years. More clever than ever (thanks to George) more solid hands than ever , so ready for the next bullrun . Diamondhands will prevail! This is exactly what George hammering on. Hold and have patience. OUR TIME WILL COME

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