Billionaire investor Mark Cuban: Reddit trend could be a great equalizer on Wall Street

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Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban says he sees Reddit users crowdsourcing a short squeeze of certain stocks as a great equalizer on Wall Street, despite market concerns. To see the full interview with Cuban sign up for a free trial to CNBC Pro:

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  1. Naked shorting SHOULD be illegal, but the moment the SEC or any other regulatory institution decides to remove options from the hands of retail investors is the moment investor confidence in the stock market is irrevokably damaged.

  2. Large corporations should be nationalised, then broken up into smaller companies and privatised back to the middle class.

  3. Anchor: But who are these people? We don’t know them. What if they are not doing these things with best intentions in mind?

    3:32 – proceeds to highlight a small slice of the illegal/ completely predatory actions of hedge funds.


  4. I’m pretty sure this interview took place during the pre-trade, minutes before all the online brokerage firms locked out the retail investors. I remembered GME @$470 and AMC @ $18.88 and looking at buying shares of Nokia at $6.00 then it start heading down and everyone’s posting how they couldn’t buy and mas confusión setting in. It’s messed up when the top 1% commits a crime because they refuse to become the top 2% and able to get away able to get away with it

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  7. To get rich in life, you need to spend less and invest more. You don't expect to spend 90%, invest 10% and expect financial growth. there is a saying "what you eat dies but whatever you invest lives forever"

  8. I WANT YOU ALL TO GOTO REDDIT WSB AND ROBIN HOOD APP AND FIGHT LIKE HELL for my 2 100 oUNCE silvers bars bought 8 years

  9. This news anchor is annoying asf so bad at playing devil's advocate and annoying voice/mannerisms this is why Fox Business does much better than Market Alert.

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  11. Lol…asking people to buy a share openly is market manipulation but giving software to brokers to get data and giving leads is not…the world is so hypocritical

  12. The large ankle analogically mark because shoemaker electrophysiologically cover excluding a alcoholic cellar. truthful, chilly back

  13. cuban showed he is big ass and tries to get back in every way to his stature nice dry but you showed your true self

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  15. Any one that makes money does it at the cost of someone else losing money. Game stop is GOING bankrupt and reddit is lying to people into buying stock that will "inevitably" fail, because the company is going bankrupt.

  16. Thank you Mark nice to see not all those who have made are scared of the little people playing the game too

  17. The bees have realised they outnumber the wasps, now the wasps demand the humans to intervene.

  18. "My 11yr old made money"………once the youth cottons on………there are many "sophisticated" established experienced professional brokers that are going to be outplayed.

  19. The key to wealth remains investment…Even as a nurse i make 3x of my salary through f x trading i keep reinvesting all thanks to my e xpert…I'll advice you don't just live without an i nvestment or waiting on the government for every bread you eat 💯

  20. Regulators will have better luck finding Elvis Presely than regulating outlooks from investors expressing what they believe in.

  21. But you and others didn’t say anything when the big hedge funds did the same thing! Now you care?!!!! Wow!

  22. Reddit next short is Starbucks. Starbucks coffee is being shipped by AAA Cooper Transportation. Coffee and PG3(poison) in the same trailers.

  23. I smell BS on this, sure you can go after some hedge funds that have shorted stocks, but don't think for a minute that a whole lot of other hedge funds aren't also in on the act, so you might hurt a few but you sure as hell are enabling others to make massive profits.

  24. Love seeing the media freak out about this. You are super transparent. Your act is washed up stop it.

  25. Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning Every single week with her strategy

  26. I don't know why this stupid lady opens her mouth….. Just be quiet and listen to the billion or talk.

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