Big News for Silver This Week!


In this video I talk about the BIG silver news. I go over the silver news regarding last week and what is going on now as well. A large bank has a bullish silver price prediction, fake silver eagles are still flooding the marketplace, and there are some big economic news items coming out this week as well. At the end of the video I give my thoughts on silver price and where I see silver going from here. If you are wanting to invest in silver or start stacking silver then this video is for you. I believe it is important to buy silver to protect your wealth. I like to buy silver coins, silver bars, and silver rounds. I think physical silver is something everyone should own. I hope this silver news update is helpful to new silver stackers and veteran silver investors as well.

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  1. Is Silver really worth it to buy ? In terms of the short term considering taxes and overall cost of upfront purchase then trying to resell when I actually need the liquidity, is physical or Silver stocks more worth the cost ? Because it seems to be when people speak of Silver their not being specific to the short term or Long term approach to justifying the purchase. Let me know your thoughts , thanks anyone

  2. I am surprised a seller was dumb enough to ruin an Ebay account with 8K positive feedback to sell a few fake coins but be that as it may, I dug out the listings from shibd-56623 and he was selling 2023 silver Eagles for $28.99 a coin / $83 for 3 / $133 for 5… All with Free Shipping from China… I would argue that anyone dumb and greedy enough to buy those not only deserved to be scammed but also needs to be taken out of the gene pool.

  3. You guys are such amateurs. When the banks make an announcement that they think silver prices are going up they are going to start selling. Grow up people. Like the banks are your friends. 😂

  4. The US government is dumping silver to suppress the true silver price. The true price would be 30 dollars plus without millions of oz dumped by the government.

  5. I find it interesting that the paper to silver ratio is 294.51 to 1 and the spot price is still about the same as it was when the ratio was over 500 to 1 Mmmmm. Silver will rise once the spot price isn’t manipulated & controlled.

  6. Gold and silver are considered a safe haven during times of economic uncertainty. They are also considered as a hedge against inflation. However, investing in gold and silver should be done with caution and after careful research. It is important to understand the market trends and do your due diligence before investing in gold and silver. It is also important to diversify your portfolio and not put all your eggs in one basket.

  7. Love your videos , I watch everyone you put out , I would love for silver to rise only problem is even if it does I'm most likely just going to keep it in my safe and not sell . Love buying the dips though

  8. Because they dont have all the deposits ''in stock'' Most countries use fractional reserve banking because it is currently the only financial system model that allows banks to earn a reliable profit.

  9. For silver maybe it wasn't smart… but I decided to go with the idea that catching a single fake gold (1oz) coin/bar made the sigma pro pay for itself… so I bought one. Hopefully it was a good choice. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Temu clearly says plated toy replica so if people are buying that as real that's kind of on them. Seriously if it's that cheap and you don't read the description…..

    Come on

  11. I disagree with their prediction on the dollar. Interest rates still need to rise because this inflation is sticky. The higher the rates go the stronger the dollar will go as people run away from other assets and use their dollars to chase these easy risk free yields. Core CPI has not moved at all, they need to keep raising!

  12. An interesting thing about the reeds on an ASE as you are showing here on the newer ones, is the real ones appear to have 2 shallow long insets along them, giving each reed a sort of boxed in 3-bars look, which are probably more difficult to duplicate. The inner material appears to be a Zn or Sn heavy version of brass/bronze, one they apparently devised to have the correct density (if these are the coins having the correct wgt). I guess you can determine if brass or bronze w/ the 🧲 test.
    The reeds might be done on purpose, so that people in the fakes market (who are "in like Flint") are able to decipher their own vs the real deal lest they be deceived by their own racket down the road. At least some are being sold as "honest fakes" for $2 saying they are replicas, but obviously they themselves or other parties are seizing the opp to pass these off as legit for $25-30. China, akin to any self-respecting dragon, has been amassing Au and precious metal in general for the last 10-15 yrs like mad to save the 元 and hold value of their nation vs the collapse the WEF/IMF is pushing everyone toward, so it's possible they are backing or directly responsible for these fakes in to perform 2 duties: • purchase true metals from profits or • flood adversarial nations like ours with false metals. The fact they don't shut down the operation or have the mfgrs change the coins such as it is conspicuous they are replicas puts a degree of responsibility on their paws. Already, much of the junk metals sold to these "we buy gold" places make their way to Asia, although in at least more honest means, but no respectable well-whiskered sort would stoop to the level of deception or manipulation occurring here.
    One also needs to be aware of legit and true Chinese Pandas, which are 30g w/ the same 10元 face value as the older 1ozT ones, possibly conning many a person into believing they are equal to 1ozT (which is 31¹⁰³g) due to the closeness in size/wgt. I have a 10-pk of old 1ozers purchased long ago now in the orig mint bubble sheet; probably should get these suckers σ checked if the machine can detect through poly like that.
    Ag🐉, you are TOUCHING that ¡'96! Eagle. 😱😱 I'm dying over here! Or is that perhaps a fake because the 6 is a different style than the 9s?

  13. Well, who am I to argue with the “experts”, but I see several indications of lower silver prices as the dollar gets stronger throughout the summer. Just my 2 cents worth.

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