Best CANADIAN DIVIDEND Stocks in 2021 // Hold for Life // Passive Income Investing // TFSA & RRSP

Dividend Stocks

What are the Best Canadian Dividends Stocks in 2021? What are my All Time Favourite Dividend Investments? How do I Invest for Passive Income in Canada? Is this Stock Still a Good Pick in 2021?

I’ll be breaking down the TOP DIVIDEND STOCKS in CANADA for 2021 and beyond! These are my personal favourite dividend investments that I’ve talked about over the past two years on this channel and I’ll give an update on each of them and how they’ve changed for today in 2021. These are all high quality, secure investments that you can hold onto for life to earn you reliable passive income and long term capital gains. Especially if you hold them in a TFSA or RRSP account for tax-free growth!

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-Intro: 0:00
-TD: 1:11
-Enbridge: 3:44
-BMO: 5:47
-Fortis: 7:37
-Telus: 8:55
-Manulife: 10:28
-TC Energy: 11:45
-Canadian Utilities: 13:22

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  1. KL is ok now too since inflation hit..but top choice picks! I have only 7 Canadian div company and 4 of them in this video…good work!

  2. Thanks for the update on these stocks! I just realized I still have some more contribution room in my TFSA; now I know what to invest in!

  3. Thanks for the video, very informative as usual.

    Question for you: how should one be buying stocks? I allocate monthly funds into my qt account. Should the goal be to focus on one company to achieve drip faster? Or spread them out to a couple stocks?

  4. Hey Adrian. I've made quite good money following your advice thank you! I'm thinking about saving for downpayment but if I hold onto these stocks for life then how do I pay for downpayment? Sell all of them when I want to buy a home? 🤔

  5. What do you think of internet/ISP companies atm? I bought a share of them because of the regulatory changes

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