AMC meme stock investing: What could be next for the company and stock

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AMC analyst Macquarie Group Senior Analyst, Chad Beynon, joins Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman, Brian Sozzi, and Myles to discuss AMC stock.
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  1. "half empty theaters?" did she miss the news that the theaters are packed every weekend now?

  2. ROFL! they're all lost and have not idea what's going on and how to react. let's see – we've saved the company, now because of us the AMC's credit rating has gone up. There are 4 MILLION of us that are holding on to AMC and not letting go. Put that in your fundamentals.

  3. The Media still don't understand is all about the Short Squeeze or they don't want to accepted, they hate to see the little guy make some money!

  4. Wall Street is utterly corrupt. This is karma for decades of tyranny, tens of millions of men women and children ruined, everything taken from them. AMC to the moon. Will never sell my shares until the hedge funds die and are made illegal and the laws enforced, and justice served upon these white collar criminals., and they are put in prison.

  5. Why are they acting like they dont know the hedge funds are shorting the💩💩💩 out the stock and we are not having it…🦍🦍🦍 nation

  6. Forget fundementals!!! We aint losing money your boses are!!! Hahahah, they can do whatever they want with the theaters!!! Who ever put this guy in charge should be fired!!! Once I’m out of amc I’m dumping it and going to see a movie hahah!!!

  7. I stopped watching immediately, jokers!! Clowns especially the one who got licked by a cow!

  8. lmao, Yahoo Finance are literal hedge fund dick suckers…they will be coming up with their smug faces in a few weeks when we are trading well past $100

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  10. Lol ohhhh shut up about "fundamentals".. that's weak talk like 6 months ago.. smh

  11. These "expert" idiots are still talking about fundamentals lol. Clearly they don't understand the reason or the power of the movement.


  13. Tell your Hedgie friends we are not leaving. We know what we are holding(100k Minimum). They can fake dip this all they want. We will keep on buying. Better for them to jist hit that freakin BUY button. Or are they waiting for a bailout?

  14. Watch “Lou vs Wallstreet” at 8 am on Monday morning. Huge tips being dropped in his morning video. You’ll benefit if you want to make some quick money and be entertained while making cash 💰!

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