A.I. Just Unlocked a MAJOR blockchain Use case!


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  1. Just like there are many apps that incorporate AI, same way there are crypto projects that utilize AI as well. i currently have AIWORK on my radar, its built on a consensus network of AI computing resources and a community of human experts and is applying blockchain to create a unique metadata for online video content.

  2. Crypto tech should be used in all type of elections, then you know that there is a real person voting with their ballot. The only problem is, that there are always some corrupt people managing these elections..

  3. Ai in the hands of bad actors? Like who? Maybe bad state actors from Eritrea, Somalia, Syria, Myanmar, N-Korea, Venezuela, Belarus, Iran, etc? 🤔 Looks like WWZ is about to scale much higher 😗

  4. You can still create an account that people BELIEVE belongs to someone famous and put fake videos on it. How would you know if a wallet address really did belong to someone? Not fool proof.

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  7. All thanks for someone to teach trading is shiet scam dont follow it guys, learn all with Gregory from knowledge he have instead trying to get into scam like trading bot or someone teaching you. Its not warehouse or production
    .. its trading which depending more than press the button…

  8. Sounds like a use case for cryptographic signatures, not so much for blockchain. Also, you can write an AI script and give it your private key…

  9. This would work perfectly with the artists themselves, people will be able to approve their words and their art with their private key, yes.
    But what to do with the journalism?
    Or with the case of, let's say, somebody had recorded on camera or audio the fragment of the speech that could potentially make a harmful impact If it won't be posted on public (it's just one case inside my head), how will the individual that hasn't said it but recorded someone else's phrases be able to prove the originality of this content without the proof of the person that was saying it? That person will not want to approve it anyways, cause that truth could make him look bad (which he actually is).

    I'm guessing, that the next thing we will see in this case is the whole connection of blockchain within the technologies to create art/record anything/etc., so basically creating the machinery proofs of what is real, and it will lead the whole humanity to ONLY telling and providing the truth. Combining it with the technologies that already can tell what you're ACTUALLY thinking it is interesting if it will create more chaos or more order.

    But it's intriguing

  10. If I were you, I would totally use any AI voice changer. I don't know if I'm the only one, maybe I'm in the autistic spectrum or something, but your voice makes me wanna crush my brain with a hammer.

  11. I dont think people understand how this works even when you explained it.

    But here's one security flaw: its published on chain even though there's a source. But the transaction hash can be polluted. Thus disqualifying the original poster. This technique has discussed privately about how hash warping will be used for these types of things. But ..to each his or her own. I do hope companies are created who are trustworthy even in these times enough to figure out ways to help all 'quasping' from happening in the next 20 years. New ideas are this kind of security need to be continuously discussed. Monthly if not annually some conversations are being had currently. But i thank you for bringing them to the forefront. 😊

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