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  1. Why am I just finding this channel. Love what you are doing. Your vids are positive and to the point. I trade forex, stocks and learned options 5 years ago, so now I am doing a refresher on options. Keep up the good work!

  2. I only put REIT 's, BDC 's, foreign dividend stocks, covered call ETF and MLP stocks in my Roth. Easy to figure taxes. SCHD in my taxable account with almost 200 shares, qualified dividends are taxed at favorable rates for most of us

  3. I started investing when I was 35, mostly through sweat equity. I just turned 40 and this last month was the first time that my passive income broke $100k for the month. This is solid advice! DO IT!

    You don’t have to get rich quick, you just have to get RICH no matter what. πŸ‘πŸΌ

  4. Great stock pick, even if the market hit bottom, that's still a cue to keep putting in funds, long-term investors know that the economy will recover eventually, and we should be positioned for such a rebound.

  5. _Great video! I've been trading and investing for about 2 years now. As you mentioned, it really is crucial to recalibrate the way we look at certain things in order to remain confident in our trades and investments. It was also pivotal for me when I really realized I was
    "crossing my wires" in that I was treating certain stocks that should be day trades like long-term investments, and flipping stocks that I should have been holding as long-term growth investments, lol. Personally, I enjoy both day trading and investing, so I had to learn to identify my specific goals first, then I had to learn to identify which stocks I should only day trade for the time being and which stocks I should hold and build positions with.
    Day trading is a lot of fun for me…. Especially with the help of Olivia Maria Lucas She has been instrumental in my trade success, And as you mentioned, investments are our friends!

  6. Currently I'm just being smart and frugal with my money, I'm in the green 47% over the last 23 months and l've accumulated over $70K in pure profits from DCA’ing into stocks, ETFs, dividends and futures. However I’ve been in the red for a month now. I work hard for my money, so investing is making me a nervous sad wreck. I don’t know if I should sell everything, sit and just wait.

  7. I picked up XON when it was $106 and I like the dividends. For me I require 100 shares of every single company that I’m getting into which is gonna take me a while but I’m working on every chance I get.

  8. I am new to the stock market. Every stock that I bought so far, I was out of luck because I bought them when they were expensive. I feel I missed out on all the stock opportunities so far for the tech stocks.I believe having 175K yearly income would be a good investment so I want to plug all my savings into the stock market. I know this sounds a bit dull but I would like to know if I should learn investing or let somebody else (more capable like a FA) do it for me? Please share your thoughts. I am kind of tired of searching for a good stock to buy and losing all the good opportunities..

  9. Always enjoy dividend stocks that allow me to collect regardless of the state of the market. I think it is important that all investors at this time focus on stocks of high quality if you will that meet 3 pieces of criteria: good management, well capitalized and strong brand names. Or ideally even dividend ETFs at this time… Volatility ahead!

  10. Predicting< a reversal of a trend is NOT good for business now, and even worse, I believe there is more to this market than we understand presently. When there is loss, they don't aim to increase their average, but that can only change if you have a personal trade guide and signal provider like that of Marcia Ann Bice which has made me almost 9.5btc on a 2 btc Trade capital over the last 2 months.
    Make a good decision. Markets fluctuate in cycles that can last anywhere from a few days to several years. In the case of B -TC, it's difficult to make a bullish case simply from looking at the charts.

  11. The way the U.S. government is sablerattling with China, stocks like AAPL might crash hard when China decides theyre not sending apple phones to the West. America is trying to start a war with China right now, using Taiwan to do it. U.S. foreign policy and politics in general need to be considered in times like these.

  12. Interesting times! Having a financial analyst for investing is brilliant! In a nutshell, I've amassed approximately 6 figures with the assistance of my analyst Devon Sean Nolan from an initial 4 figure investment thus far. Prior to consulting with an analyst, I was having an investing nightmare during the recession. In a nutshell

  13. I like XLE that way I get more great energy stocks.. ❀
    Chris have you heard of BST?? 100 shares at $30 will pay you $25 monthly in dividends! πŸ’°

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