5 TOP Dividend Stocks To Buy In June 2023


Today, we will take a look at 5 Top Dividend Stocks that appear to be trading at a great valuation. One of the stocks has yet to take part in the AI craze that has run through the market with the likes of Nvidia (NVDA), Meta Platforms (META), and Broadcom (AVGO), just to name a few.

Check out all 5 and let me know in the COMMENTS, which of the 5 you like BEST!

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  1. I know they don’t pay dividends but i love paypal atm bought it for 59 per share 1 week later went up to $65 7%+ in a week i can see them hitting atleast $100 in a year

  2. I will be forever be indebted to you, you have changed my entire life and I continue to preach on your behalf for the whole world to hear that with just a small investment you saved me from going into huge financial debt. Thank you Mrs Judith M Layton

  3. I like JNJ the best. I’ve also started a position in UNH. Will peruse QCOM but already have AVGO, TSM, and NXPI. Semis seem so cheap relative to their growth.

  4. Solid insights, Mark, I am thinking/ expecting at least a mild recession come the end of the year from all the datasets. The employment report will be HUGE this Friday. However, as dividend investors, it is only ever a good time to be buying!

  5. Is there a way to compare the companies in terms of 'woke risk'? Not so long ago, I would have considered Bud, Disney and Target as good solid brands. Now, fiduciary responsibility is out, and woke Kool Aid is in.

  6. Great video. You provide some great insight into all your videos. I hate AT&T BUT I have been a customer with them for well over 20 years and my parents were with them when they were still Southwestern Bell. They aren't going anywhere obviously as big as they are. They do need to bring all their customer service state side. It's annoying to talk to some customer service agent overseas who speaks unintelligible English. They need to fix that. I am considering initiating a position on this one.

  7. TSN I'm Buyiny 2.5
    That's all I need lol I have alot small positions I also like they aquire Williams sausage buyout

    I'm really trying bulk my etfs but also dipping in some companies

    I hold JNJ still adding these levels
    I hold verizon

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