5 Star House Flip | Before and After Home Renovation


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  1. Your sarcasm about this house & the previous occupant is nasty!
    Obviously, the last owner was elderly &/or disabled, who probably lived in it since the 60's.
    Compassion is a virtue!

  2. I feel a bit mixed about renovating these old houses. Due to all of the memories and childhoods that were in these houses. For example, my grandparents own an old house and they have owner it for 50 years and they dont want to sell it because of all the memories they made. And its sad seeing houses like these being renovated and the unique aspects being destroyed. These renovated houses all look the same and dont have any of the unique features that made them stand out.

  3. The only thing I would change was the glossy upper wood cabinets. Looks like plastic laminate?? But overall, another fantastic flip. And I also love that huge backyard! Such a treat to have a property like that..

  4. Gorgeous home. It all looks amazing. The en suite bathroom is beautiful but doesn’t really match the rest of the house. It’s like they made a beautiful mid century house and then lost their nerve and went traditional in the bathroom. Still beautiful though. Just a little off balanced.

  5. 5 star? more like 2 star… firstly, can we spend some money on the landscaping, ever? like where is the lush green? Like do you put in dead plants? You needed some more contrast on the front of the house. like what a snooze-fest.. few layout changes, switch the kitchen and dining room. Buy a smaller tv to put on the opposite wall… who has a tv in the entryway like that? lol…and it being tilted is even worse…nothing too special about the bedrooms, but my goodness put a comforter on the beds? 455K just to buy it……yikes. you put 100k in it and it appraised for 655K meaning you could hopefully sell it for 655k? and make a 100k? I would have cashed out. I don't know it seems kind of far from Austin to have an Airbnb. not sure if you are really making 5k a month.

  6. I would have made the small kitchen into the master bathroom. In what is now the dining room I would have made that into a huge kitchen. The dining area would be the rear of the huge main room. I don't see that this would have cost more. You already brought plumbing out to the garage.

  7. i lost count of how many ads were in this video. but i watched most of them bc i look forward to your new vids every time you guys post:)

  8. I love that they added a desk to the master bedroom! I was thinking that for remote workers they had so much space to incorporate that setup – love the additions they put back into the property!

  9. Nice house. Nice job. I wouldn't have made the kitchen 2-toned. I would have made it all wood grain. No kitchens from the 60s were 2-tone, if you were trying to achieve a retro look. Also, most designers put the darker on the bottom because it's more likely to get dirtier and more scuffed up.

  10. I used to be a home health nurse and my guess is the owner was elderly and washed her hair in that bathroom sink before she got that awesome shower installed. The kitchen faucet would have helped a lot with that!

    I wonder if they were the original owner and that's why the house was so vintage?

  11. What? Who doesn’t poo in their shower? 🤪
    I too have a 1961 ranch style-had NO style. It was a blank canvas.
    The kitchen was huge with a great floor plan, so we just replaced everything, but didn’t have to reconfigure.
    I never appreciated this style of house until I lived in one. ❤

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