3 Horrible Things About Gary Gensler NOBODY Is Talking About


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  1. Anyone who unsubscribes because they think you're anti-u.s. is simply brainwashed. This nation is full of fools who never read and spend idolatrous time watching sports.

  2. You speak of this CT club and all these great coins. Newsflash If it is not bitcoin it is a scam. A VC finds suckers like you to lose all your hard earned money. Ready to unsubscribe but Heidi is just to cute. You both can do better just DCA in to bitcoin and you will be all set. Stop with these shitcoin pump and dump schemes.

  3. The reason so many people complain that they lost money on crypto in general, is because they buy in the bull market when prices are on the up.

    I agree with you 100% so I do the opposite, and try and follow you.

    I've done nothing but buy the dip.

  4. Gary gensler is the tool, the hands and the brains, let me guess: Hilary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren , Feinstein , all of them anti crypto. the demo party leadership. This is why I am voting for De Santis in 2024. Fuck the demo party.

  5. Someone said on another channel that GG shorted BTC. Anyone know if this is true and how that would even be able to be verified?

  6. I live in the US and I am not getting rid of any of my crypto.

    I have the same thought process as you and I am deploying more capital into this dip.

    I do disagree that crypto is going to be outlawed in the US. Especially when the Dems are out of the White House in 2024. None of these lawsuits will be settled by then.

    We also have a senator calling for Gensler to be fired and the SEC to be reined in.

    It is always darkest before dawn. I would rather stay here in the US and fight for meaningful change than cut and run but that's just me you guys did what you think is best for you and I respect that.

    But I feel like, if everyone leaves instead of fighting for change nothing changes.

    2016 proved things can change when people come together that have had enough and for the 1st time ever someone was elected president not affiliated with the corrupt 2 party system. That gives me hope that more change can come if people come together to fight for it.

    I am a fan and agree with most of what you say.

  7. GARY GENSLER is a Wall Street suck-up鈥.he SERVES his buddies on Wall Street and NOBODY else鈥

    He is selling out the PEOPLE of the USA鈥

    Cutting EVERYONE off鈥.in the USA.

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