3 HIGH YIELD Canadian Dividend Stocks To BUY And HOLD FOREVER (2021)

Dividend Stocks

Today I will cover 3 of the best CANADIAN dividend stocks to buy now and hold forever for true passive income. I’ll also talk about how safe their dividends are and if a dividend cut is a possibility.

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First dividend stock video covering Scotiabank stock:

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Disclaimer: I am NOT a financial advisor and this is NOT financial advise. Go see a licensed professional. This is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only.



  1. Wow 11% payout ratio for manulife?! Definitely adding this to my list! Also, would love a video on Canadian stocks that are real dividend aristocrats

  2. Lol love the leafs comment ! ✈️✈️✈️ I own all of these stocks !

    I would love to see a stock vs stock video from your point of view go over their financials and then what you think the better pick is like enb vs ppl or aqn vs npl L vs ctc

  3. Man you give me so many good options to look at! Def looking into these more as I currently have CIBC and TD!

  4. That Eli Manning roast hurt a little on the inside. Still 2-0 in the Superbowl though 😉

  5. Great video!! If you could please do a video on real dividend aristocrats that would be much appreciated! Thank you.

  6. The volume is really low – why not delete video, fix and upload again? The longer you wait the more you won't want to do that option.

  7. Please do a REAL CANADIAN DIVIDEND ARISTOCRAT video. Thanks. Your videos are very insightful.

  8. Thx for another great video… (but missed seeing your price ranges to purchase each at).
    A video on the 'true' Canadian Aristocrats would be great!

  9. JP, we all love AQN, but they have a -70% FCF Payout ratio. (If I calculated that right.) Is that anything to be worried about, or is it when it's over 60%. Great video as always, I learned so much from you!!

  10. man that leafs analogy was on point but also unnecessary (kinda like the leafs making the playoffs)

  11. not sure why but your audio is super quiet compared to your other videos. otherwise, great video.

  12. another great video! thanks for the great content. have been looking at MFC hard lately, nice to see you are looking at it as a good play as well.

  13. POW vs MFC is a tough choice Mfc is cheaper and Grows dividend at a higher rate than POW. Which one would you pick if it's a long term hold and dividend is your main focus? MFC I think won't have that stock price growth but the dividend will surpass POW in very short order.

  14. Very good introduction, thanks! I figured all Canadian bank stocks are great, stable and reliable.

  15. New Jarrod Michael Cooke diss track out NOW! MAXIMUM DISRESPECT! NOBODY SPARED!! NOT EVEN HIS 5 YR OLD SON!!!

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