10 Reasons You’re Not Making Money Day Trading (2023)


I breakdown 10 reasons why you’re unprofitable as a day trader and what you should do to make money trading.

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I use TradeZella to track and journal my trades.

0:00 Intro
0:16 No base education
2:07 No real edge
3:46 Strategy hopping
5:29 No discipline, no patience
8:14 Tight time horizon
9:59 Not tracking their trades
12:12 Understanding their trading psychology
14:15 Having unrealistic expectations
16:28 Don’t know how to lose
20:27 No risk management

DISCLAIMER I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and my personal experience. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk. You should always do your own research before making any investment.

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  1. My advice to new investors: Buy good companies stocks and hold them as long as they are good companies. Just do this and ignore the forecasts and market views which are at best entertaining but completely useless. I’ve only ever saved($510,000), never invested but want to start.

  2. There are so many tradzy peeps on YT that like the sound of their own voice, haven't got anything to say or are just not good at presenting clearly.

    Finally someone who's great at all of the above.

    I'm impressed ngl.

  3. 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money Day Trading :

    1 – You have no formal education on trading.
    2- You have no real edge.
    3- You do not have a solid strategy therefore you jump around.
    4- You have no disipline and patience.
    5- You have a very tight time horizon on how to be a better trader.
    6- You do not track your trades.
    7- You lack the proper understanding of your trading psychology.
    8- You have unrealistic expectations.
    9- You do not know how to lose.
    10- You have no risk management.

    You're welcome guys 😊😊

  4. I use the wheel strategy. I'm finding now while I'm selling CSP's the stocks are running way up, and I keep having to add cash to my account. Any suggestions?

  5. Hi Umar

    I would cut those paddings off the mic arm; they're decorative and do nothing. The Rode branding is intrusive. There's videos on YT of people cutting them off.

    The background music is fine but the volume needs to be just a little lower.


  6. there is only one rule tbh that is day trading is gambling, so go into a casino and put your money on red or black, professional traders know this.. you can daytrade maybe 20 out of 300 days a year thats it period thats why you all loose and look for advice in the internet from other loosing traders that loose aswell and try to make money out of you bc they dont manage to make money on their own.
    institutions dont daytrade they hold their trades for 1 to 4 months, they have minimum leverage if not only spot positions, let that sink in..
    thank me later
    otherwise good luck trading against market making bots and algorithms and watching loosing strats one after another from loosing traders on yt.

  7. After watching so many videos about trading in Youtube, finally something that makes sense. Not that I believe anything that I hear, but these are simple and yet important truths.

  8. i started looking Umar content not too long ago thanks to one of my trading mentors (waqar) and im loving all this content you are making Umar, thanks a lot. I would love to see a video about tracking and journaling

  9. My biggest handicap so far is not accepting and respecting my SL. I let losses run, in the hope that eventually it will turn around and go favorably in my direction. To compound the issue, I mainly trade options with 0DTE, and theta is never my friend in such scenarios.

  10. 1. Risk Management
    2.A+ Setup when and Edge is presented
    3. Discipline
    4. Patience
    I have a problem with psychology discipline and being patient sometimes. I also have a problem with waking up early because of the job I have but overall I will overcome the obstacles soon then I expect

  11. This guy is mentally challenged. "Indicators are dumb. People are lazy. I tried a moving average once, and it didn't work!" We're watching brain-damage in action…

  12. God bless you for your fabulous videos- you are the real deal when it comes to being a trader and mentor. I relate to all your video – your the most genuine person on social media giving trading advise

  13. The no. 1 reason you aren't making money: you are day trading.
    The time frame is too narrow. That's why smart money calls us dumb money. They don't care about what happens in small time frames, the movements are too chaotic and the price predictions don't really work.

  14. Dear Ashraf sir im a beginner day trader of indian market i trade in options i really found your channel very helpfull and u are a person on youtube who is not forcing us to buy there course and the way u talk u talk with sense and point wise highly appriciate i wish one day we will play with our lambo together …. ameeen

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