10 Best Monthly Dividend Stocks 2021 (For "Rent Checks" Every 30 Days)

Dividend Stocks

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If you are interested in monthly dividend paying stocks, this is the place for you. I will be covering my top 10 monthly dividend paying stocks and sharing some tips as well as pitfalls to avoid.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:40 What To Look For In Monthly Dividend Stocks
00:10:31 #10 APLE
00:12:07 #9 PSEC
00:14:16 Firework Segment
00:15:14 #8 BRMK
00:17:53 #7 GAIN
00:20:11 #6 TRSWF
00:22:02 #5 LTC
00:24:05 #4 HRZN
00:26:40 #3 MAIN
00:29:13 #2 STAG
00:31:03 #1 O
00:34:05 Monthly Dividend Investing Mistakes To Avoid


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  1. Got to be careful with looking at payout ratios for REITs. They are always a bit thrown off with the difference in accounting in real estate. Free cash flow payout ratio is the metric that should be viewed

  2. If you own one share of each how much would u get monthly in dividends , also how come I can’t find TRSWF

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