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Although it is difficult to find value in today’s overheated market, clearly it is not impossible. This is true of all types of common stocks, and perhaps especially true for quality dividend growth stocks that can be relied upon for a growing dividend income stream. Frankly, the best-of-breed and bluest of blue-chip companies in that category are overvalued. However, that does not mean that the companies presented in this video are not worthy of your consideration or investment. They are all investment grade companies except for one, Silgan Holdings. On the other hand, Silgan holdings has the best record of growth of earnings, dividends, and capital appreciation. Investing is often a trade-off, choose wisely.

FAST Graph Analyze out Loud Video: 10 Dividend Contender Research Candidates
OGE Energy (OGE), Kellogg (K), South Jersey Industries (SJI), Northrop Grumman (NOC), Ingredion (INGR), Silgan Holdings (SLGN), Edison International (EIX), Whirlpool Corp. (WHR), Verizon Communications (VZ), Kroger Co. (KR):

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  1. Jeez it would take 2000 years to make on this stocks the same money i made on game.
    Life is too short to invest in utilities.

  2. Thank you, Chuck! I've been watching the series past few months, and what I particularly like, is that you lay out a foundation for value investing such as valuation, which in these days of overly high valuated (one might argue bubble) market is hard to pinpoint. Might, I suggest doing a "Sector" brief overview, or stocks in the construction sector, as currently see good opportunities for decent valuation and decent growth over the next 5-10 years.
    Keep us posted with the "Market of stocks, not a stock market" vids.

  3. Thanks Mr. Chuck for the heads-up on these stocks. I already own K and VZ. Will be looking very closely at SLGN (a bit low on the Div. Yield), and WHR, as I am under- invested in Materials & industrials. SJI, OGE & EIX look like decent potential additions to my Utilities portfolio. KR looks good to bolster up the retail-grocer aspect. INGR looks like a real good idea to further investigate for Cons. Staples.
    Great job!

  4. Hi Chuck.
    Another great video and analysis. We're still awaiting in anticipation of the new FAST Graphs charts we have seen you use in your videos over the last few months. They look good. I'm very please you have decided to add a "Price/Sales" chart. It would be great to add a "Price/Book Value" so we can do a good analysis of Financial stocks. For example, none of the current charts do a good job for the Banks and Insurance companies. Take a look at the charts for RENAISSANCERE HOLDINGS LTD (NYS:RNR). Take care and thanks for bringing us FAST Graphs, the best analysis tool on the internet.
    Kind regards, Rick

  5. CHUCK! YOU ARE A LEGEND! Thanks for all that you do my family and i appreciate it. (I make them watch your videos on big screen now) family time!

  6. how do capital market advisors look right now? I am long HLI but Evercore looks good as well.

  7. Out of these I find Silgan and Ingredion the most interesting. Thanks for the research worthy stocks i had not heard about before!

    Addition: after some research I habe found out that Yahoo Finance analysts expect only 1.9% growth for the next 5 years opposed to the 14%+ FG is telling me :/ that changes the whole attractiveness of the stock

  8. Thank you for another excellent video and learning opportunity. Will be looking closely at EIX. Long EXC, PEG.
    Some of the best combined dividend and equity "growth" we have been seeing here lately are in Canadian companies, due partly to the recent changes in currency valuation. Long BNS, ENB, PBA, SJR.
    Americans holding these mostly in tax advantaged accounts, so little to no foreign withholding issues. Also appreciate the latter two paying monthly.

  9. Whirpool! It's been an amazing stock but It's seldom talked about, glad it was mentioned here.

  10. I own Edison International and have taken a bath on the thing because I bought closer to $60. People here in Southern Cal are worried about fire danger. And if one of Edison's transformers starts a wildfire…. there goes a couple of Billion dollars and the share price goes into the toilet. It's where it is in anticipation of a wildfire. Where will the stock be if one actually starts….$40?

  11. Love this channel. So far you have been on the marks every time. Keep up the good work Chuck!

  12. Chuck, Do you guys bought european data on FG in order to be able to analyze EUR stocks? Keep it up!

  13. I really enjoyed Mr. Valuation’s take on Krogger which is one I personally own. Actually Warren Buffett also bought it very recently, along with VZ from this list. I’m very interested in Silgan and will be doing more research on that one! 👏👍✌️

  14. You seem to post just what I need to know right when I need it. Affirmed that I should buy more VZ, maybe add EIX. Thank you for your time and expertise.

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