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Dividend Stocks

In this video I talk all about monthly dividend paying stocks. More specifically, I picked up a position in two new monthly dividend stocks and I wanted to showcase them in my dividend portfolio. I also show you how to factor in dividends when it comes to reflecting the performance of a stock over a certain period of time.

Monthly dividend stocks:
Realty Income ($O)
Prospect Capital ($PSEC)
STAG Industrial ($STAG)
PowerShares S&P500 High Dividend Low Volatility ETF ($SPHD)

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*Disclaimer* I am not a financial advisor. Any and all investment decisions must be made at your discretion. These videos are for entertainment purposes only. Also, some links in the description are affiliate links. They help support my channel without costing you extra money. The promotions discussed in this video are valid as of the posting date. Make sure you check to see if the promotions are still running.



  1. ADC is one of my favorites dividend stock. It pays monthly dividends & the dividend yield is 3.66

  2. I got psec. I had them since i first started investing this year, and steady building up. I got close to 600 bucks into them. They have been growing and growing. Also cswc is good, and main street capital for monthly. I had stag but i got rid of some stocks to lower my portfolio.

  3. I hold PSEC, realty income, SPHD, and AGNC, I want at least 5-8 maybe even 10 but idk. Might look into stag but after that idk what else

  4. Sorry, but I'll pass on PSEC as I come to a different picture based on the same data. Since becoming a monthly payer, PSEC's dividend has gone from about 11 cents per month in 2014 to the current 6 cents per month in 2021. Dividends that have been stagnant to declining for seven years? No thanks. NAV tells a similar story, declining to stagnant. They're not growing effectively over time.

  5. Great video as always Dalton! I actually winded up selling out of my REITs in my taxable account and bought into O & STAG in my Roth IRA instead, in order to avoid paying ordinary taxes on the dividends

  6. forex/stock investment is the best deal when it comes to earning more within a short term. Currently I'm making a minimum of 120% on daily basis,

  7. I have gotten amazing returns from MAIN stock. It pays monthly and yield is around a 6 percent. I have also started invested in covered call ETF (JEPI). I think if you were to make a video on that it would do well. Some good popular ones are JEPI, XYLD, NUSI, QYLD

  8. I picked up a good chunk of PSEC during covid prices my average cost is down to 5.74. I turned drip off for now while it’s so high

  9. I have Prospect Capital, only 2 shares, but I think it is a very good company, I brought it up to my grandfather, who’s been in the market since the 60s and he did more research on it and put up a position of 1000 shares of it.

    Man never misses. All content is 10/10.

  10. I keep seeing psec is an unsafe dividend but I’ve just been letting it do it’s thing I get back a nice $2 a month right now from it so I’m trying to do some more research before I decide if I want to keep it and reinvest. But hearing you makes me feel slightly better about wanting to keep it, but I’m still doing my own research to stick to my own goals and strategies.

  11. SCHD is my long term traditional IRA
    Abbvie, stag so far is my play around stock fund
    Just waiting for my Roth IRA to be moved over to m1 to start some more investments like O, BLK, JEPI, MMM, APD, AVGO, PEP, NEE, HD

  12. O for my monthly, but I also have VNQ which is a real estate stock, 1 year it’s up almost 28%.

  13. How do you keep your portfolios separate from one another. Do youuse different brokers for different purposes?

  14. I haven’t been buying any lately but I have just been letting them drip as always. I’m interested in buying some stocks that pay within the months of 3,6,9, and 12. Last month was awesome but this month will suck. I’ve been considering buying some gyld but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. There’s not too many monthly stocks at a fair price it seems at this time.

  15. When I first started getting into investing people talked about dividend stocks. It always annoyed me when they said that monthly dividend stocks are the same as quarterly, at the end of the year they pay the same. That is not true, if it did not compound then it would be true. Monthly may only pay a few cents or dollars after compounding, but that adds up. Great video.

  16. Interesting choice.. as of 12:58PM Eastern Standard June 3rd 2021 PSEC is at $8.94 on the Robinhood app, there dividend yield is pretty good at 8.23

  17. I am a huge fan of both Realty Income and STAG Industrial as I own them both in my dividend portfolio. Realty Income recently just announced a merger with a large rival. I think it will help the company grow even faster in the future and keep those monthly dividend payments flowing. STAG is focused on an ever growing sector with huge upside for decades to come. Thanks and 👍🏻.

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